Treasure chest location in GTA Online

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GTA Online Hides a lot of treasures that you can collect. Treasure in GTA Online gives you lots of valuable items. will help you synthesize these where treasure can be found in GTA Online.

Treasure find location in GTA Online

From main quest to side quest, from game mode to race, GTA Online There are many things for players to experience. In addition to the daily quests that give valuable rewards, GTA Online also offers lots of exclusive gifts hidden in secret treasure chests. If you want to find these Treasure position in GTA OnlineHere is the guide you need to know.

As part of the biggest GTA Online update, the updated Cayo Perico island is a haven for new thieves who can afford a luxury submarine to explore the location. Not only are the treasures scattered throughout the island, the Cayo Perico also offers a lot of interesting challenging missions that you can conquer. Note, you cannot see the map of this island on the GTA 5 map. It only appears when you set foot on that mysterious island.

While the Cayo Perico is inaccessible in the Freemode of GTA Online, the good news is that players can reach this special spot while performing Scoping Missions.

Here are the details of the locations of all the treasures on the Cayo Perico island in GTA Online and how much you can get from them:

  • The first treasure cave will be located around the island’s central pier under the water.
  • Other treasure chests are among the crates on the runway.

The treasure chest locations in GTA Online are almost different for each player. That means GTA Online places them randomly around the coast of the island as shown below.

Map of the treasure location in GTA Online

By searching for treasure chests, you will receive $ 15,000 GTA. In addition, Rockstar also has an extra bonus for players to be able to find more than 5 treasure hiding locations in the game.

You can refer to the video about how to find treasure in GTA Online after:

Above is the hidden treasure position of GTA Online. If you know any other information, please share with readers offline!

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