Tips to reduce battery consumption, heat up when playing PUBG Mobile

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PUBG mobile is a very heavy game, even if you own a high-end flagship phone, it cannot prevent this game from eating up a few dozen percent of your battery when playing. If you are unable to play the game through an emulator, finding ways to improve the battery usage and overheat of this game is extremely necessary. Here are simple tips that you can do to reduce battery drain and overheat while playing PUBG Mobile.

Setting up PUBG Mobile on your phone to reduce battery consumption, overheat

Step 1: Enter the settings by selecting the gear shape in the corner of the screen.

Select settings

Step 2: Select Tab Graphics and adjust the setting settings as follows

  • Graphics: Smooth
  • Frame rate: Medium – High (not recommended to decrease to low because it will affect the playing experience)
  • Theme: Depending on the needs of experience, priority is given to basic choices
  • Style: Basic or Soft
  • Brightness: Reduce it to 70 (or 80% if it’s too dark)

Edit configuration parameters

In this step, the alignment of the graphics indicators should be balanced because reducing the heat of the device and draining the battery should not affect the game experience. Take the full cut when you really need to conserve battery life or don’t carry a charger.

Step 3: Reduce sounds and background music. With the speakers when playing games, the sound of the game will also cause overheating and sometimes lag. To improve this problem, you should choose to wear headphones so that the phone does not have to waste power to maintain the speakerphone, thereby reducing overheating when used for a long time. However, if you still want to turn on the speakerphone to fully experience the game, follow these steps:

  • In the item Sound Uncheck the BGM
  • 50% off total sound
  • Discount 50% or turn off the interface completely

Sound editing

Particularly, the SFX section, which is the sound of gunshots, bombs, and footsteps, is very important, so it is not recommended to remove this part. The Microphone and Speaker section can also be lowered to save battery power.

Although the above methods are very effective to prevent the battery from overheating, it is still recommended to charge the battery when the device runs out of battery.

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