How to switch game modes in the game Minecraft

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How to adjust creative mode in Minecraft and the other modes in the game like? If you do not know how, let find out how to switch between modes while playing Minecraft How is it!

How to switch game modes in Minecraft

Undeniable, Minecraft deserves to be one of the best games of all time. It offers players an unlimited creative gameplay. What this magical “cube world” looks like depends on your ability. You can build a dream city, a desired home, or anything else that’s not yet done in real life.

Not only that, Minecraft also constantly updates and adds new content so that players never get bored. In particular, this world also has interesting game modes for you to choose from such as survival, creativity … This is where you will see animal mods, unique buildings and more.

How to switch game modes in the game Minecraft

You already know how to enable creative mode in Minecraft yet? Great How to switch from survival to creativity in Minecraft how? Let’s find out with!

The game modes in Minecraft

How to switch game modes in the game Minecraft
How to switch game modes in the game Minecraft

The magic block game Minecraft has 3 main modes and 2 less popular modes including:

  • Creative
  • Survival
  • Adventure (Adventure)
  • Difficult (Hardcore)
  • Spectator

To understand more about each game mode, please read the article Minecraft game modes.

How to switch game modes in the game Minecraft

Switching between the 3 main modes in Minecraft is very simple. This can be done on mobile, desktop, and console.

How to switch to Creative mode

How to switch to Creative mode
How to switch to Creative mode

When setting up the game, select Play> Create New> Create New World. Here, click Default Game Mode drop down and select Creative.

Or use the command / gamemode:

/gamemode creative

Or faster command is

/gamemode 1

How to switch to Survival mode in Minecraft

When creating a new game, you’ll find the Survival mode in the setup screen. Click Play> Create New> Create New World then choose Default Game Mode> Creative.

Or use command

/gamemode survival

Or order

/gamemode 0

How to switch to Adventure mode

Adventure mode is not an option set in Minecraft. Instead, you’ll need to manually switch to Adventure mode while the game is in progress.

Use commands

/gamemode adventure

Or order

/gamemode 2

How to switch to Adventure mode
How to switch to Adventure mode

Note: New versions of Minecraft all support using gamemode commands, and old versions do not.

If you are playing games on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii U, the command / gamemode is not available. As a result, you cannot switch to playing Adventure mode on these devices. In other modes, use normal control commands.

How to switch to Difficult mode

In the monitor Create New World choose Game Mode: Hardcore. Note that, features Allow Cheats and Bonus Chest is unavailable and the world will be deleted when you die.

How to switch to Audience mode

You can access this mode using the command /gamemode spectator or when dying in hardcore mode. Or you can switch to Spectator mode from Creative mode by pressing F3 + N. Press the key combination again to switch back.

Or use another command

/gamemode 3

Multiplayer mode in the game Minecraft

Depending on your device, Minecraft can be played in multiplayer mode. Most of the above game modes can be enjoyed by many people at the same time. Meaning you can create a world in Minecraft, then invite other players to join you.

Now you have a clear understanding of each Minecraft game mode and how to switch between them. Using commands, shortcuts or menu options, you can change to each game mode you desire.

There is another mode that you should be aware of is Full Screen. To expand the play screen on the computer, press F11 to see Minecraft in full screen mode.

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