Everything you need to know about D-Bee in Free Fire OB28

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server introduced a new character, named D-Bee. In this article, let’s Download.vn learn biography, skills and How to use D-Bee in Garena Free Fire Please!

D-Bee character in Free Fire

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D-Bee’s biography and appearance in Free Fire

Currently, Garena has not revealed the origin of D-Bee. Now players only know that D-Bee is a musician and street dancer. This Free Fire character’s style of dress is quite DJ-like, including headphones, a loose jacket and a colorful headband.

Maybe D-Bee is a character Free Fire Designed based on real-life celebrity prototypes, This is the 4th musician character Garena added to the game.

D-Bee character skill in Garena Free Fire

D-Bee’s skill in Free Fire

D-Bee has the passive skill Bullet Beats. Thanks to it, D-Bee’s accuracy and movement speed will increase when you shoot while changing position.

The best part of this skill is its absurd value. This may be due to the difficulty of shooting while moving. At level 1, Bullet Beats increase movement speed and accuracy by 35%. This add-on will grow up to 70% at its peak – the biggest speed bonus in Free Fire ever.

In particular, you can accumulate other speed boosters in Free Fire. Example: Combining Chrono + D-Bee + Joseph + Kelly can increase movement speed by 121%. If in the aura of teammates Alok, this stat can be up to 136% (the highest ever seen in the game).

How to use D-Bee’s skills when playing Free Fire

D-Bee’s ability cannot be compared with Alok or Chrono because Bullet Beat is a passive skill. However, its effectiveness is not inferior to the active skills of other characters. The 75% increase in Bullet Beat accuracy will help guns that are weak in this respect also be able to shoot down their targets, and also, run faster when avoiding enemies thanks to the incredibly high speed booster.

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New Kord gun in Free Fire OB28

The great thing about this is that you can shoot continuously to maintain this add-on because the increase will stop if you have to reload. You should combine this skill with a Free Fire SMG gun like the MP40 or LGM Kord, even the MAG-7 shotgun.

However, D-Bee is not strong in mid-range or long-range combat because shooting while moving is not feasible with AR or SR. In general, D-Bee is weaker than Chrono and Alok in flexibility but will be stronger in certain formations.

Above is how to play D-Bee character in Garena Free Fire. Hope the article is useful to you.

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