Travel around the universe with famous landmarks in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

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Blockbuster house MarvelAvengers: Infinity War Since its debut, it has attracted a lot of attention from moviegoers. Currently, the film has stopped showing in theaters, but the producer has revealed in August will release a Blu-ray disc (BD) version. In particular, in this BD, there are completely new scenes of Thanos which was cut due to insufficient time in theatrical release. On the other hand, the series of Concept Art photos of the scenes created in the recently released movie also made fans happy because of its magnificence.

The terraces on planet Titan (where Thanos returned to hide after wiping out half the universe)

Earth (Earth) – Avengers’ “home ground”

Is a movie with the largest number of actors in the cinematic universe Marvel So far, but the movie’s screen time is limited, the producer was forced to cut out many scenes. This once made the fans feel angry when they couldn’t see all the worthy details in the movie. Making the audience feel the most regret is when Marvel revealed, they cut out 30 minutes of telling the story of “Mad Titan” – Thanos, including his origin, about the Eternal race or his grandfather – Kronos… These all help the “new ghosts” who have never read the original comics to better understand the most dangerous “tyrant” in this universe.


Besides, the dark and tragic scene that covers most of the film is also something that leaves a deep impression on the audience. However, because the development of the film happens so fast and changes constantly, people have to focus on the details and forget about the majestic scenery of the places behind. This series of Concept Art photos gives viewers a more specific look at the hidden planets of Thanos and superheroes. Spectacular scenes in Knowhere, Vormir, Titan nice Nidavellir… can be overwhelming, but also bring back painful memories with the painful passing of Gamora, Loki and many other characters.

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