Going to the Net to accidentally steal a helmet, the young man came back and wrote a “review” to the owner of the shop

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The loss of a helmet seems to be no longer a strange thing for many people, with the current “open and lost” situation, it only takes a moment to lose something in an instant. Especially for those who use an electric bicycle when the helmet can only be hung outside.

For gamers who visit the net shop To play games, you must have encountered many “crying bad” situations like this when this place has long been famous for petty theft. This always makes restaurant owners have a headache to find ways to tighten security in their business areas. Although almost every internet shop now has a camera installed, it is not always possible to find a lost property fortunately.


But if you read the share below, you will be surprised when in the world there are still “thieves” who are very conscientious when stealing but show great remorse and regret, so they decided to intend to apologize and return the lost person.


This funny situation gets a net shop owner share on group net business. Specifically, a guy went to play at a net shop, when he left because it was too sunny, he temporarily “jumped” the helmet of the car next to him to go home. But then thinking that the shop has many cameras that will definitely be detected plus the torment of accidentally “stealing” other people’s hats, so he decided to text the shop owner to confess, explaining the reason ” reluctantly” for that act and ask for the hat to be returned to the deceased


Nguyen Van The content of the message is as follows:

“Sir, I’m the guy this morning helmet theft of a certain gamer at a red x-men ride. I would like to present the reason: Because this morning when I went to play the net at the shop, I forgot to bring my hat, so when I came back to drive the car, it was too sunny, so I took the risk of stealing a hat to go home to avoid the sun. When I returned, I also thought that I must have been discovered because your shop has many cameras. I stole the hat but also felt a bit frustrated, so this afternoon I would like to ask you to return that hat to the gamer who lost it this morning and let me sincerely apologize for my foolish actions. I promise never to do it again because I still want to support you and want to play at the bar for a long time. I sincerely apologize.”

Before the repentant attitude, honestly admitting the mistake of this gamer, the owner is also very polite, politely accepting the apology and returning the item to help the guy.

Of course, stealing other people’s things under any circumstances and for whatever reason is unacceptable, but in this case he is also an example to be commended for realizing. Know your mistakes and know how to correct them at the right time!​

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