Top strongest Teamfight Tactics equipment at the beginning of the game

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In Teamfight Tactics, vigilance and adaptability are among your most powerful weapons. Often you will have to change your squad composition during a match. Unfortunately, when that happens, you can’t sell or split your gear items, and sometimes what you have isn’t the best for the new lineup afterward.

However, there are a few ways to choose the right items early, optimize their strategy and usefulness, below Taimienphi brings you the Top strongest Teamfight Tactics equipment early in the game.

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Losing Series and Winning Series

One thing you can decide in the first few rounds of a League of Legends match is your overall strategy. There are currently two top approaches that most players are leaning towards.

One, the Economy strategy, relies on active play Lose early to save money. You focus on building a bank of 50 gold for profit. In contrast, the Early Win strategy is to maximize your squad composition right away, spend gold on rerolls, and try to dominate the game from the start.

These two standard Tactics methods can also be described as Loss Streak and Win Streak respectively.

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Equip the strongest Teamfight Tactics at the beginning of the game

When trying to win the first rounds, your equipment choices should be items that give a lot of power to a champion, his general. In the first place, you usually can’t rely on the complete lineup’s strength. You also won’t get many effects among the items. But as long as you can turn one of your champions into an unstoppable, enemy-fighting monster.

Tactics has some good items for these purposes. But three of them really shine in the early game and come in handy later on as well.

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BF Sword + Net Armor = Guardian Angel. This item revives champions on death with 500 HP. This gives your champions extra strength, almost doubling their durability in the early stages when most enemy champions are. would be 1 star or 2 stars.

Wooden Bow + Oversized Staff = Guinsoo’s Rageblade (Guinsoo’s Rageblade). Each attack grants 5% attack speed, stacks infinitely.

Wooden Bow + Goddess Tears = Statikk Shiv (Stactikk Electric Knife). Every third attack deals 100 magic damage in an area around the target. This item is very powerful in the early game, and can still be useful in other stages of the game.
Of course, there are other strong item choices in the Tactics list of items. Make sure to factor your squad composition when deciding what to build. And if you like other items, you can check out how Teamfight Tactics our, to find the right gear for each hero.

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