Teamfight Tactics – Tips to build the best Glacial squad

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The method of building a Glacial squad in Teamfight Tactics is relatively easy, as there are a lot of Synergies with other champions, what the Glacial squad lacks in the early game will be balanced in the mid or late game. .

Group composition Glacial works best if you have strong capital, as you will need to get high ASAP for Sejuani and Anivia (otherwise Glacial comp won’t do well). In Glacial squad building tips Truth Arena In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up your Glacial team composition, making it effective in the game.

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Glacial squad buff

– Basic attack from Glacial units has a chance to freeze units for 2 seconds (no cooldown).
– At Glacial 2, the chance is 20%, Glacial 4 30%, and finally, the chance of freezing Glacial 6 is a whopping 45%.

Tips to build Glacial Teamfight Tactics

1. Early Game
If you’ve ever tried doing a play of Glacial, you may have noticed that it’s extremely underpowered in the early game. We get around this by using 2 Elementalist 3 Glacial as the Elementalist golem will act as a giant defensive layer for your units to slowly destroy the enemies. Golem hp and defense combined with Glacial stun will allow you to win most cases if the enemy doesn’t have direct damage items. Please note that getting 3 Elementalists is quite difficult, so be prepared to lose quite a bit of money until you get it.

As a starter, try getting both Lissandra and Braum (if that’s not possible, run 3 Nobles for the moment). Once you have those two champions, keep Garen or any other tank to go with a Vayne, Lucian or Tristana DPS.

first class glacial meow build the best glacial image 2

Keep the Elementalists, buy any Kennen and Brand you see. In case the Brand can’t be obtained, use 3 Noble 2 Glacial until you finish or 2 Glacial 3 Yordles (Kennen, Tristana, Lulu/Poppy).

2. Mid Game
Once you get to round 18-20, your next step is to sell Garen and level up. At level 6, Teamfight Tactics Glacial is: Lissandra, Braum, Kennen, Brand, Ashe and Volibear. With a Glacial squad, you only increase the chance of freezing Glacials by adding two Glacials to the team. Also you will now have a much stronger effect and extra DPS from Ashe. In case you get Sejuani, either swap Volibear or Ashe with her (depending on their star). When you reach level 7, put another Glacial on the table and continue doing business, upgrading existing units.

first class chan ly meo build the best glacial image 3

3. Late Game
When you add Sejuani and Anivia, you have completed the Glacial group, ready to enter the battle. Once you have Anivia, you are free to change the Kennen. Sell ​​and transfer items to Ashe if no equipment or items are available. Leona is a great CC unit and offers 2 Guardians, which ends up adding Kindred to the squad for 2 Rangers. Kindred is a great unit because she can deal high damage, which is extremely useful for this Glacial squad as Kindred can buy time for Brand, Anivia, and Sejuani to throw one last Ultimate, a lifesaver. large in many rounds.

first class glacial meow build the best glacial image 4
We hope that this Glacial squad building tip was useful to you, and that it has improved some of the Teamfight Tactics Glacial squad components, increasing the win rate. In addition, you can also refer to how to build Assassin’s lineup in Arena of Valor Our reasoning in previous articles, helps you have some more ways to build squads and transform in games.

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