PUBG fans are disgruntled after the region lock feature was added

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Since its launch, PUBG has been plagued with widespread hacking problems and the most popular solution is region lock. This means that players from low hacker areas will not encounter high hacker areas.

Looks like PUBG Corp listened to the fans and added this feature. Region locking is designed to restrict players from being placed in matches within their continent unless they are playing with a friend from another region. But surprisingly, a lot of players are protesting the studio for this feature, claiming that it creates more problems than it solves them.

The Steam forum has been flooded with complaints about this feature lately, asking PUBG Corp to fix it. At a glance, the most common complaint is still that players are matched with hackers.

Disgruntled players said that the vast majority of hackers are from China, citing information from BattlEye (the anti-hacking software in PUBG) about the locations of the hackers in 2018. Some said, by including the count. the ‘regional lock’ feature, PUBG Corp. allowed the Chinese “freedom” to play in any region they wanted.

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Many players in China use VPN to access the game and avoid lag. VPNs are so heavily used that PUBG gets a negative review for promoting VPNs in the game instead of adding an official server.

Using a VPN means that Chinese players are not affected by the region locking feature. Also, as the playerbase is no longer widely distributed across all regions, both hack and Chinese players seem to be featured in North American/European matches.

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Steam community asks PUBG to lock China region

Currently, PUBG Corp. No measures have been taken to solve this problem. Every time PUBG has a new update, a lot of comments on Steam ask to add a region lock to the game. But now, what should developers do now that this feature has been added, but players are still not satisfied and are looking for another solution? Hope PUBG Corp. will soon find a solution to this problem.

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