Top mid laner climbs rank very fast League of Legends 9.15

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The mid lane position in League of Legends has changed a lot over the years with many champion faces that appeared in this position and then disappeared. In version 9.15, mid lane climbing belongs to assassin mage generals and melee mage generals, along with the top mid lane champions that climb extremely fast in League of Legends 9.15.

The mid lane position has a great ability to control the game, so these laners must also be able to stand and be able to pressure, poke, and destroy the enemy’s mid lane, creating chance to push the turret as soon as possible. Please take a look at the names in the top mid laner climbs rank very fast League of Legends 9.15.

Guide to climbing ranks quickly lmht 9.15

League of Legends 9.15 mid lane champions climb ranks fast

Top mid laner climbs rank very fast League of Legends 9.15

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1. Ahri

In patch 9.15, Ahri’s E – Wind Kiss was modified to instantly interrupt enemy champions’ dash skills. This gives Ahri a great advantage when facing physical assassin champions in League of Legends. Using it to escape when caught alone or to rescue weak teammates is also very convenient. In addition, when reaching level 6 and unlocking the ultimate, this move will help Ahri become a true assassin with 3 dashes dealing damage to the target. Playing Ahri requires a lot of precision, but once you master it and combine your skills, you will create formidable combos that will help you gain an advantage in teamfights.

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2. Vladimir

Thanks to the recent meta change where assassins are starting to move more towards mid, there is room for Vladimir’s re-emergence in this mid lane with his formidable turret ability to stop anyone. Every assassin must be bored when he meets him. Not only that, mid laner Vladimir can quickly push back to the lane very quickly, causing the enemy to lose their advantage and the enemy champion in the same lane with him to go deep. Vladimir is not the type of mage that stacks damage but is extremely suitable in chaos, always being in the middle of the enemy’s ranks and causing chaos for them.

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3. Fizz

Modified from 9.14, Fizz now has very good resistance, very difficult to destroy, making Fizz has the potential to play on the basis of mages and mid lane assassins who are inherently bloody champions. Fizz can deal massive amounts of damage to finish off enemy champions in a single note and quickly leave the scene thanks to the mobility of his Q and E. Thanks to that, Fizz can quickly roam the support lane. gank or split then quickly maneuver back to mid.

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4. Yasuo

The name is so familiar to many gamers, Yasuo has always been a strong champion, always at the top and has never fallen into a situation of disappearing in any meta since his debut. As an extremely difficult champion to control among difficult-to-control champions, if you can master Yasuo, players can play on the opponent’s basis in every match, every meta. Able to deal massive amounts of damage early in the game, Yasuo remains strong until the end of the game, able to strike at lightning speed, dealing critical damage that makes enemies unable to even look and turn. . Yasuo has always been the first choice to climb the rank of professional gamers.

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5. Zed

Zed is the first choice for tactics that need to be defeated quickly because this champion will almost be very wasteful in the late game. But in the early and mid game it’s the exact opposite, Zed is a nightmare when he can quickly kill a stray prey. The champion in the same lane with Zed will be subjected to extremely penetrating pokes, making the champion’s health always below half a tree of health and having to return to resuscitation continuously, leading to a heavy hit. Zed can also sweep minions very quickly to push turrets very early and end the game quickly. Zed’s playstyle will force the enemy to fall into his speed spin and can’t get out, leading to a quick defeat. Zed is the number one choice for gamers who play firmly, want to beat fast and win quickly to climb the rank as soon as possible.

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Remember, climbing mid lane is not an easy task and the top mid laners who climb the ranks very quickly in League of Legends 9.15 are not easy champions either. So the most important thing is to practice constantly to become more and more proficient, then climbing the rank quickly or slowly will also be completely different. In addition, you learn more top Mid lane generals season 11 Arena of Valor else here.

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