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Top new attractive games launched in China week 2/5

first. True War Three Kingdoms


True War Three Kingdoms continues to be an RPG game with the theme of national war which is loved by many players, participating in the game, you will become the princesses to build your own country, the game allows players freely choose the country and conduct forever recruits, cultivate the army to join other players in the top matches. In addition, you can also fight with the machine if you do not like to fight with other people. The game is currently open for testing on Android.

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2. Unparalleled Soul Town


Game Introduction: Zhen Hsin Wu Song is a mobile game adapted from the Chinese movie Tran Hung Nhai with the theme of mutants. The game applies Unreal engie 3D graphics to recreate a mysterious world that gives players an extremely attractive experience. Still has the gameplay of a regular role-playing game like fighting monsters, fighting Boss, but the game says no to the career system or other systems, because it only focuses on fighting. With “smooth” graphics, combined with more physical combat, this will be a game you can’t beat in the near future. The game is currently open for testing on Android.

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3. Battle Storm


Next, this will be a product of kimchi country molded under the hands of giant Nexon and copyrighted by NetEase and released in China, the game possesses extremely sexy characters that burn the player’s eyes. Besides, the game has a variety of PVP gameplay such as 1v1, 3v3 and free play. With meticulously polished graphics, it can be seen that Nexon has never disappointed players, the game has been released in Korea and Japan, with the Chinese market now the game is open for testing.

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4. The Day After Tomorrow


You probably remember before that Emergenceingame.Com introduced you to this brain-stretching zombie hunting game. The game is developed by NetEase. Joining the game, players will play the role of gunmen and hunt zombies, in fact this is your battle for survival, because the chance of survival here can be likened to a “light in the wind”. In order to survive, players will collect weapons, necessary items such as food, clothing, water, etc. that appear on the way. To collect many essential items, players need to go deep into dangerous places where bloodthirsty zombies appear dense. The game has no level limit, so players will continuously level up by killing as many zombies as possible. The game is currently open for testing on both iOS and Android platforms.

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