Top most “bloodthirsty” game on Mobile – Don’t play if you don’t want to crush your chest

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Definition of horror game as well as the definition of a black hole… We know that deep within that darkness lie monstrous and monstrous things, disgusting images beyond our own imagination… But even if Knowing that, we still keep walking curiously, still trying to take one more step until we can’t turn back. If you are such a person.. someone who wants to commit to death, then welcome to the Top Bloodiest Horror Games on Mobile.


Corpse Party: Blood Drive

Blood Drive is set shortly after the events of Corpse Party: Book of Shadow, when the main character Ayumi Shinozaki almost died for daring to use magic in the “book of darkness”. Surviving but falling seriously ill, Ayumi is hospitalized and is suddenly visited by an unknown woman. To Ayumi, she said:
Let’s reclaim the ancient archive called “The Book of Shadows”. Through the generations, the Shinozaki family has defended this forbidden book, turning it into rumours to curb the power hidden within. But once it falls into the wrong hands, the book will plunge the world into a pool of blood. With the events of the previous part before the “Book of Darkness” was lost, Ayumi will now have to follow the strange woman’s instructions to prevent future calamities.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location this time brings us to Circus Baby’s Pizza World restaurant – a branch opened by the sick guy William Afton after closing Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in previous versions. To fulfill his insane purpose, he creates a series of robot dummies to kidnap and kill children.


But before the restaurant opened, a disastrous incident happened to Afton himself, leaving Circus Baby’s Pizza World abandoned. Playing the role of a technician, players will be tasked with fixing the problem right away and soon realize a spooky truth many times more than Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Unlike previous versions, Sister Location has a more interactive and active gameplay. Still has the goal of surviving every night, but the game no longer forces gamers to lock themselves in a unique room. Instead, to preserve your life every night, you will have to move to many different rooms and perform certain tasks. For example, on the second night, Sister Location will ask you to secretly sneak through a dark stage to reset the fuse system. This allows gamers to have a more diverse experience, as well as a motivation to explore because of not knowing what will happen in the future.


Sophie’s Curse Mobile

In the game you play the role of a nurse with the job of taking care of an old man in a family that has just moved in. The house is nothing special except that the electrical system has been completely damaged, forcing the owner to use special lighting equipment. Everything was fine until these devices started flashing continuously at nightfall, forcing you to charge them manually. Failure to keep the system working, an uninvited guest will visit you.


No fighting ability, no defense power, you can only rely on this light system to protect yourself against ghosts lurking in the house. Therefore, the player’s task is to alternately move and charge for four different positions. If you accidentally let a light go out, you will see Sophie’s face with the tip of the knife stuck in her chest and frenzied fear drilling into her temples.

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Mental Hospital DRAW

Mental Hospital V’s story begins when a team of reporters led by a journalist named Markh investigate an abandoned mental hospital. But not long after that the members of the group all died for unknown reasons and Mark himself disappeared without a trace. Playing the role of Mark’s brother, the player will go to the mysterious hospital to find the whereabouts of his brother..


But behind the quiet beauty of the ruins are ghostly forces beyond anyone’s imagination, leaving you with two choices: determined to find your brother or run away to save your life. self?



The gameplay of Eyes is very simple… There gamers step into an abandoned house with the task of finding 20 bags of money scattered everywhere. In fact, the character you play is a thief and soon he will find this house completely different from the places he has broken into. There slowly from the darkness of the house he would see a creature without a body, without limbs, only a head with a mouth wide enough to bring hands and jagged teeth slithering through the air towards him. .


The Head or “The Head” will be loitering around the house, bringing a creepy scream chasing the player. Every time it moves closer, in addition to the sound, the surrounding objects also vibrate wildly, one of the clues to help the player know that something is wrong. But the special feature of Eyes lies in the title of the game.

There, throughout the game screen, gamers will encounter eye icons on the wall or in certain objects, helping the main character to see through The Head’s eyes in a few seconds. This mechanism allows the player to visualize where this ghost is in the house, hoping to be able to avoid and save his life in the next steps.

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