The brightest factors in the race to the title of Miss VLTK Mobile

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So just over a day left, round 2 of Miss Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile contest will officially close to select the 20 best faces to enter the Final Round.

Unlike round 1 which was volatile and somewhat unpredictable, the general developments in round 2 up to now can be easily seen, although drastic from the opening moment, there was no change. The big impact on the rankings among the contestants when leading at the top are still familiar faces. These can also be considered as bright factors on the way to the title of Miss VLTK Mobile 2018.


The top 1 position belongs to Fei Fei from Dragon-Master state, server 162 Than Thuy. If you follow the contest from round 1 to now, you can see that this is a pretty “remarkable” contestant when continuously winning high rankings on the chart. Especially in round 2, our girl has “entrenched” her top position since the official round opened so far, with an impressive number of Hong Fen Giai Nhan votes. – nearly 400 thousand cotton that no competitor can overcome.


Next, the second place belongs to the contestant who is also a face, a name that is no longer strange to the VLTK Mobile player community. That is the famous female giant Ryuu Tran Nu who once stormed the inter-server battle force chart of this game. If in the first round, she was a little humble when she never appeared in the top 10 of the server-wide chart. But in the second round, this giant woman showed her determination when she immediately finished second with the number of flowers received so far is more than 300 thousand flowers, far beyond the distance. with the next candidate afterwards.

Ryuu Tran Nu from the Loveless Guild – Server 14 Kim Son

The 3rd and 4th places are also quite stable when they are respectively occupied by two Fox girls from the FullHouse guild (server 6 – Truong Giang) and XocGai Bang from Than Long state (server 478 – Son Dao) for a long time. with an impressive number of flowers voted.

The female gamer Fox (real name Ha Anh) is in 3rd place with the number of flowers voted for more than 131 thousand flowers.

Female gamer ChoppyGaiBang is in 4th place with the number of flowers voted for more than 92,000 flowers.

Above are the 4 female contestants who are temporarily leading the voting chart in the second round up to now, and the number of Hong Phan Giai Nhan received is quite different from the rest of the contestants. Being able to surpass hundreds of girls to stand in these rankings is not easy at all. As expected from the beginning, this is indeed a tougher and more intense round when the battle is not only confined to each server, but also an inter-server round in the whole VLTK Mobile world, where nearly 700 Girls on 491 servers must compete fiercely to win tickets to the Finals.

Looking at the ranking of the contestants after that, you can see that the voting scores between the hot girls are not too different, so even though there are only more than 2 days left, the voting round will officially close. surely the rankings among the contestants will continue to change significantly. And even the owner of the top 1, 2, 3, 4 can still “change the throne” at any time. So, what happens at the moment can’t say anything. In fact, as the first round has seen, all the unexpected things often happen at the last minute when there are many reclusive factors waiting for the final decisive moments to launch the first move to reveal.

The next 8 girls are in the top 12 with a score that is not too different

Round 2 of the Miss VLTK Mobile contest lasts until September 7, 2018, there is still more than one day left for the contestants to call for votes from everyone. Which is your favorite beauty, which is the girl you think deserves the title of Champion? Let’s continue to follow and support our female gamers by “dropping flowers” to vote for them to have the opportunity to continue to the next round!

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