Genshin Impact: Instructions to use currency in the game

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Genshin Impact has 3 main currencies you need to know: Premium, Wishing and basic money in the game.

Currency in the game Genshin Impact

The term “gacha” is no stranger to the community of game lovers. Basically, a free gacha game play like Genshin Impact will make money through many different currencies. However, each game has its own currency for different uses. Here is everything you need to know and how money is used in Genshin Impact.

A guide to using money in Gensin Impact

Genshin Impact has 3 main currencies: Premium, Wishing, in-game currency with its own sub-categories. While you can almost get them for free while playing, the nature of gacha and “free-to-play” games always tries to urge you to spend real money to own them more.

Premium Currency

Special currency in the game Genshin Impact

Genesis Crystal: The only way to get Genesis Crystals is to use real money. This action makes them even easier, simply by going to the Shop through the main menu and choosing the package you want like just Genesis Crystal or a combination of other special currencies. Below is the price details for each Premium Currency package:

  • $ 0.99 – 60 Genesis Crystal
  • $ 4.99 – 300 Genesis Crystal
  • $ 14.99 – 980 Genesis Crystal
  • $ 29.99 – 1980 Genesis Crystal
  • $ 49.99 – 3280 Genesis Crystal
  • $ 99.99 – 6480 Genesis Crystal

Based on the price for each Crystal, the $ 29.99 plan is clearly the best. You should use Genesis Crystal to buy Primogem. You will receive one Primogem for each Genesis Crystal.

Primogem: You can earn Primogem through daily quests – Daily Quest, Battle Pass Rank, achievement rewards, and complete Spiral Abyss. Genshin Impact gives you some Primogem but if you’re willing to spend your time, you can make a lot of them without spending a penny. Another way to get Primogem is to transform the Genesis Crystal as mentioned above.

You will use 160 Primogem to buy an Acquaint or Intertwined Fate, or 150 Primogem for one level of Battle Pass Level.

Wishing Currency

Money Wishing in the game Genshin Impact

You will earn 2 Wishing, Acquaint and Intertwined Fate with Primogem or upgrade your Adventure Rank. They have only one use in the gacha mechanism. That is buying new weapons and characters.

If you happen to have 4-star Wish, you’ll also earn a bit of Stardust or Starglitter if Wish is 5-star. You can use Stardust once a month to buy more than 5 Fate as well as weapon materials and Mora.

On the other hand, Starglitter can be used to buy unlimited Fate currency for the month, plus new materials, weapons, and even new characters.

The main currency in the game

Base money in Genshin Impact

Mora: This is the most common money, nothing special, equivalent to gold in Genshin Impact. You will earn it in all activities from doing quests, killing mobs, conquering dungeons, opening treasure chests … You will want to accumulate a lot of Mora because it is necessary in important mechanisms such as:

  • Character level up
  • Upgrade weapons and artifacts
  • Buy consumer items
  • Testing weapons at the smithy

Anemo Sigil: This is the exclusive currency for the Mondstadt region. You can find them in the inventory here or by increasing the Anemo ranking of the Statues of the Seven. It is used to purchase materials, weapons, equip Ascension or exchange Mora.

Geo Sigil: Other regional currency, found in Liyue. It functions like the Anemo Sigil, exclusive to the Liyue chests and the Geo upgrade of the Statues of the Seven.

Above is an overview currency system and usage of money in Genshin Impact. Hope this article helps you play Genshin Impact easier.

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