Apex Legends Character Classes

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One of the things that makes Apex Legends so special is the character classes with each character having their own advantages and disadvantages, creating extremely unique combos. Let’s discover what the character classes in Apex Legends include.

Up to the present time in Apex Legends there are a total of 8 characters including 6 pre-opened and 2 player-purchaseable characters if you reach enough money to earn or buy with cash. These 8 characters are divided into 4 different character classes including attack, defense, support or scout class. Apex Legends is a team game, so knowing the skills and positions of the characters in the team will help players easily win.

Apex legends classes

Before going into the introduction of classes, if you have not created an Apex Legends account, you can click here for instructions on how to do this. Create Apex Legends account and join this game.

Apex Legends character classes

1. Wraith – Assassin

Apex legends 2 classes

Class: Belongs to the attacking character class.

Passive skills: You will hear voices when there is danger nearby.

Normal Skill (Q): Reposition quickly through safe “nothing” space, avoiding all damage.

Special Skill (Z): Creates 2 portals, both you and your teammates can move and last for 60 seconds.

>> This is an attack-oriented character class, capable of high and fast movement, a skill that allows Wraith to hook enemies or run away at any time.

2. Bangalore – Professional mercenary

Apex legends 3 classes

Class: Belongs to the attacking character class.

Passive skills: Getting hit by bullets will move faster

Normal Skill (Q): Creates a large barrier to cover his position.

Special Skill (Z): Summon a series of missiles to destroy enemies within a certain range.

>> Bangalore is prone to attack with strong firepower, not only that, this character class has the ability to rescue teammates with smoke or run away very well when hit by enemy bullets.

3. BloodHound – High-tech stalker

Apex legends 4 classes

Class: Detective class.

Passive skills: Ability to detect the position of the enemy just moved.

Normal Skill (Q): Use your skills to detect if enemies are around you or not.

Special Skill (Z): Transformation increases movement speed as well as detects enemies even in smoke.

>>BloodHound is not an offensive character class, but players can completely use this character class to chase and chase enemies.

4. GiBralTar – Shield of the jungle

Apex legends 5 classes

Class: Defense character class.

Passive skills: When using the gun in sniper mode, the shield will automatically turn on.

Normal Skill (Q): creates a barrier that absorbs all damage for 15 seconds if standing in it.

Special Skill (Z): Calls down a missile to attack an enemy for a certain period of time dealing massive area damage.

>> GiBralTar is a character class specializing in defense as well as melee attack, with the ability to support teammates by turning on armor or shielding yourself to increase defense.

5. LifeLine – relief nurse

Apex legends 6 classes

Class: Support character class

Passive skills: When resurrecting an ally, you will gain a shield and also use an item that heals 25% faster.

Normal Skill (Q): Throw out a Drone that heals the entire team.

Special Skill (Z): Call “hearing” down with valuables.

>> LifeLine is a pure support character class capable of recovering health as well as resupplying the character, LifeLine is a character class that can be combined with any formation, especially a defensive squad.

6. PathFinder – Probe Robot

Apex legends 7 classes

Class: Support character class.

Passive skills: Ability to connect to the device to know where the next circle is.

Normal Skill (Q): Fires a piece of string that allows the character to move quickly to that location.

Special Skill (Z): Creates a cable that allows people to swing back and forth without limit, as long as it is not destroyed.

>> Although it is a support class with the ability to scout, PathFinder can completely take on the attacking position with the ability to move extremely quickly.

7. CauStic – Poison Trap Expert

Apex legends 8 classes

Class: Defense character class

Passive skills: Allows to see enemies even when poisoned.

Normal Skill (Q): Place traps that release poisonous gas that stuns enemies.

Special Skill (Z): Release poison to an area around himself.

>> CauStic is an extremely solid defensive character class, in Apex Legends CauStic has an extremely effective home defense and gives a great advantage when in the bo.

8. Mirage – Master of deception

Apex legends 9 classes

Class: Attack class

Passive skills: Automatically creates a clone after 5 seconds when killed.

Normal Skill (Q): Create an illusion in front of the opponent to deceive

Special Skill (Z): Create a series of clones to deceive the opponent.

>> Mirage is a character class that must be purchased to be used, but this is also a very popular class with a strong skill set in both attack and escape.

Above are 8 character classes in Apex Legends that are present in the current version. With the above skill parameters, it will help readers partly understand the effects of skills as well as choose a reasonable character for your team.

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