Top ice cream making games on phones

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The most attractive ice cream games on Android phones or iPhones that are being downloaded and installed by the most people today, to answer this question, please refer to the list compiled by Taimienphi below. here it is!

Games and ice cream games on the phone are relatively simple, suitable for many audiences from adults to children. With eye-catching graphics, funny sounds, it will definitely bring players moments of relaxation and fun.

top ice cream games

Top attractive ice cream making games on phones

And now, let’s discover the Top 5 titles with Taimienphi right away ice cream making game What is the most interesting, currently having the most players!

Top 5 good ice cream making games on phones

1. Ice Cream Inc.
Those who love multi-tiered ice cream, with many different colors and flavors will not be able to ignore the game Ice Cream Inc. The task in this ice cream making game is relatively simple, you just need to push the button to release the ice cream and hold it for the right time to create the right ice cream with the given pattern.

top ice cream making game 2

Although it sounds so easy to play, not everyone can do it to conquer all to reach 100% perfection right from the first time. Would you like to try?
– Download Ice Cream Inc for iPhone
– Download Ice Cream Inc for Android

2. Frosty Ice Cream

The recipe to create a basic ice cream flavor includes: Sugar, Milk and Ice. But this is not all, in the game Frosty Ice Cream, players will discover even more amazing flavors when combining basic flavors with strawberry, chocolate, cookie,…

top ice cream making games 3

All you do is swipe your hand across the screen, a variety of ice cream flavors for you to choose from. Let’s discover now, which is the best ice cream!
– Download Frosty Ice Cream for Android

3. My Ice Cream Maker

It can be said, My Ice Cream Maker is a comprehensive upgraded version of Ice Cream Inc. and Frosty Ice Cream in terms of visuals and gameplay. In My Ice Cream Maker you will accompany your friend Chilly Willy the penguin to discover 58 different ice cream flavors.

top ice cream making games 4

Through each level, you will in turn learn unique ice cream recipes, then draw your own ice cream secrets. To make your ice cream more attractive, remember to use more toppings such as fruit, lollipops, ….
– Download My Ice Cream Maker for iPhone
– Download My Ice Cream Maker for Android

4. Ice Cream Maker Crazy Chef

If the ice cream games that Taimienphi just introduced you can work slowly at home, with Ice Cream Maker Crazy Chef needs to make ice cream really fast on a truck.

Top 5 ice cream games

The game is an open world and you will drive your car around and try to serve within the time limit. Your ice cream making process will be divided into several steps, each step will be a mini-game so players don’t have to feel too boring when performing a continuous task.
– Download Ice Cream Maker Crazy Chef for iPhone
– Download Ice Cream Maker Crazy Chef for Android

5. Ice Popsicle Factory

After trying out amateur ice cream games, now maybe you should try it by working professionally, on a larger scale with the game Ice Popsicle Factory.

top ice cream making games 6

The game simulates the ice cream production process in a large factory. To start the game, you need to prepare all the ingredients and recipes. Combine ingredients such as milk, gelatin, flavors like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, … put in the freezer, then pack and deliver to your customers.
– Download Ice Popsicle Factory for Android
So, you and Taimienphi have in turn learned about the 5 most attractive ice cream making games on phones today. Which game makes you feel the most excited and choose to download to your phone? Leave a comment below this post!

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