When Batman takes a bloodbath with Zombies

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The power of the Lantern ring bearers derives from the spectrum that represents the emotions of all beings in the universe. Thus, the green spectrum gave the Green Lanterns the power of will, helping them to keep the order of so many galaxies in the vast darkness. But if there is a will, there must be fear, greed, hope… with a will, there must also be forgiveness, love and death. And from here we see the formation of the darkest and most powerful spectrum in the world DC, the spectrum that wants to erase all life in the universe, the spectrum that gives birth to a sick army. especially Black Lantern.


In the event Blackest Night where the Black Lanterns led by the Black Hand rise in the universe… they have an unspeakable disgusting power that causes the dead to come back to life as undead. And when the Black Lantern flew to Earth, resurrecting history’s most notorious criminal, Gotham in his absence. Bruce Wayne soon had to witness every street and street filled with walking corpses.


Cloak Batman at that time was temporarily taken over by Dick Grayson and accompanied him by Bruce Wayne’s son: Damian Wayne. After the events that caused Bruce Wayne to die at the hands of Darkseid (but in fact sent him back in time and the corpse was just a clone of Bruce Wayne) Dick Grayson was forced to give up the Nightwing shirt to become his successor. Batman mission. Without a genius and calculating mind like Bruce, the new Batman and Robin (Damin Wayne) duo are forced to face the end of Gotham and the whole world. However, when they soon realized the danger and ability of the Black Lantern, they promptly brought the remains of Bruce Wayne’s parents to a safe place even though they didn’t know it was just the beginning of the nightmare.

Hearing that the Gotham Police Department was in danger, the duo immediately equipped with flamethrowers to stop the dead creatures but still carry the bloodlust of wild animals. There those resurrected in the form of Black Lanterns begin their merciless carnage.. where they gouge out the hearts of their victims and devour the fertile vitality within. One by one, each person fell.. with their heads, arms, and legs flying all over the place.


Despite fighting madly with Deadman’s help, the two were unable to stop the zombies as numerous as ants. It seems that to the fire their bodies are completely immune and soon both Batman and Robin are powerless. Fortunately, before being drowned in the sea of ​​dead, Tim Drake, now with a new identity as Red Robin, soon came to the rescue in time. However, when they had just calmed down to calculate the next steps to deal with the power of Black Lantern and the Zombie horde.., four familiar silhouettes suddenly appeared on the plane’s glass. It was Dick Grayson’s father and mother as well as Tim Drake’s long dead. With crazy power, the four of them tore off the plane’s fuselage causing the Batplane to crash into a nearby cemetery… The last image that flashed in Tim Drake’s eyes before the crash was just tears. Seeing my parents like that, who wouldn’t?

To be continued

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