Common mistakes when playing AOE Empire

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In this article, Taimienphi will summarize some common errors when playing AOE Empire for readers. If you encounter any of these, please apply the method below to completely fix the error situation.

Empire, AOE Also known as Age of Empires is one of the strategy game Best real time ever. During the experience, you often encounter some errors that cause the game to be interrupted, the fix is ​​very simple.

what are the common differences when playing to hide?

Fixed common errors when playing AOE Empire

Common mistakes when playing AOE Empire

1. Error Could not initialize graphics system AOE empire

After starting AOE Empire, getting an error Could not initialize graphics system means that the Windows or DirectX operating system on your device is not compatible with the game. How to fix the error Could not initialize graphics system AOE empire is very simple, you just need to install the latest DirectX version, download another version of AOE empire or set up the system for the game.
– Instruct Fix Could not initialize graphics system Empire here.

the typical difference when playing to hide aoe 2

2. Network not found error, host Lan empire AOE

This is said to be a common error when playing AOE Empire, many gamers cannot find the network or Host of the established person even though they are fully connected to the Internet. If you have just downloaded and installed AOE Empire, see if you have granted permission, or allowed the game to bypass the firewall, turn off the Windows Defender anti-virus software, for example.
Fixed the issue of not showing the Empire network

the typical differences when playing to hide aoe 3

3. Error not using commands in AOE Empire, disconect

Currently, there are many versions of AOE Empire, if in case you execute (encryption) commands or Cheat Empire AOE codes but get thrown out of the game => it means you are using AOE Anti Hack Empire version . For this problem, you need to download the normal AOE Empire version, without any advanced features.
Fixed an issue where using Empire command was Out Game

4. Error Has Stopped Working Empire AOE

A common error when playing another AOE Empire is Has Stopped Working (suddenly stopped), this error usually occurs because your computer has a software conflict, a faulty AOE Empire version or a certain gamer. try to fix the field continuously. In case of continuous Has Stopped Working AOE Empire error, it means that your version is having problems.
– Fix Has Stopped Working Empire game error

Above are all the errors that AOE Empire players often encounter, the simplest way is to follow Taimienphi’s instructions, making sure to thoroughly overcome the above basic errors.
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