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The special Code Adorable Home allows players to receive a lot of rewards, decorative gifts … immediately without having to do anything, here Taimienphi gives you some Code to read. Adorable Home and how to use them.

Adorable Home is a simulation game on Android and iOS that allows players to build, decorate houses and interact with extremely attractive pet friends. Recently, NPH HyperBeard has added a feature using Code Adorable Home, giving players special gifts.

code adorable home

Adorable Home – Simulation game on Android and iOS

Before learning how to enter the Code, players should pay attention to update and install the latest version of Adorable Home on the device, the quick download link will be shared by Taimienphi below.
– Download Adorable Home for Android
– Download Adorable Home for iPhone
– Download Adorable Home apk

Code Adorable Home

– Heart022luv
– Iloveadorablehome
– Adorablehome40k

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How to get Code Adorable Home

There are many ways for you to own your own Code Adorable Home, they are sent directly to players by NPH for various reasons, promotions, server maintenance compensation, holiday gifts. …. Or you can access to receive Code Adorable Home through social networks Facebook or Twitter.
– Join Fanpage to receive Code Adorable Home here.
– Join Twitter to receive Code Adorable Home here

Instructions for entering Code Adorable Home

Step 1: First you need to start Adorable Home on your mobile device or tablet and then log into the game as usual.

Step 2: At the main interface click on the icon House as shown below.

code adorable home 2

Step 3: Next you choose the icon Settings (settings) in the selection list panel.

code adorable home 3

Step 4: In the table Settings, you continue to click on the left-shaped lock box icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

code adorable home 4

Step 5: Dialog box appears, use code Code Adorable Home you received above => fill in the section Enter the code => click select Confirm next. Instantly you get the rewards of NPH HyperBeard.

– Note:
+ Code Adorable Home is case sensitive, so you need to enter it correctly.
+ Each Code Adorable Home is limited to a maximum of 500 people and can be more (the sooner the gamer enters, the higher the reward rate, too many people the Giftcode code will not work).

code adorable home 5
Above are all instructions on how to receive and enter Code Adorable Home so that readers can immediately own decorative items without performing tasks, buying and selling with accumulated points. Don’t forget Adorable Home is also playable on PC, with just a few simple steps you can play Adorable Home on computer, as attractive as Smartphone.

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