How to complete the mission in the game GTA Vice City – Part 3

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In the previous two series of tutorials, we have followed Tommy’s journey through a series of dangerous and difficult missions, however, his journey has not stopped yet. How many challenges are waiting, and how many missions need to overcome so that Tommy can become a boss, become the head of the Underworld Vice City?

This third tutorial will continue to introduce the quests, goals and how to overcome and complete all of the missions that our main character must perform.

Instructions to complete the task in the game GTA Vice City

1. Love Juice

In this part, Tommy becomes the henchman for a group of musicians. They want you to bring in a new drug. However, the salesman is a ruffian, and a cunning. No other way, Tommy was forced to “handle” him and bring back the drugs.

Perform: Find a car and go to the pink light. When the delivery guy will run away, chase and defeat him. After that, you will have to pick up Mercedes, you only have a maximum time of 1 minute and 30 seconds to bring both the girl and the medicine back to complete the task.

2. Psycho Killer

Rock band found out that someone was watching them and he seemed to have some plot. You are tasked with taking down him.

Perform: The follower is quite sly, it is difficult to detect him without using a strategy. Unlike other missions, the target doesn’t appear on the map this time, so use the band’s vehicle to lure him into spawning, then destroy.

3. Publicity Tour

A surprise happened when the car that Tommy and Love Fist were riding was bombed. If you run too slowly, the bomb will explode and the two of you will die.

Perform: It sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. Just press the accelerator hard and keep that speed for 2 minutes for Love Fist’s people to approach the car and effectively the bomb.

4. Alloy Wheels of Steel

After the terrorist incident, Love Fist wants to increase security by hiring more bodyguards, and that is the Biker gang. The problem is this group only agrees if Tommy wins them in a race.

Perform: Because this is a racing challenge, your side does not need to use violence, just don’t launch too fast and master the speed and balance in important turns, you will easily win.

5. Messing With The Man

A rather interesting task for Tommy this time, is he has to stir jubilantly, rioting the whole city within 2 minutes.

Perform: Extremely simple and is probably the perfect fit for our character. Get a tank, get inside, and drive it around the city, bombarding everything you want until it reaches 6 stars.

6. Hog Tied

Mitch said, there is a thief in the area who stole Angel – his favorite motorcycle and he wants you to get it back.

Perform: The culprit of this incident is none other than the Shark gang. You will have to perform actions that can only be seen in movies, like: climb a motorbike, run full gas and launch straight up a staircase, fly to the roof of a weapon shop. . This is where the bandits are gathering, you and Tommy will defeat them together to bring Mitch’s motorcycle.

7. Stunt Boat Challenge

Join the ship race of the same name Cuban ice boss.

Perform: You will have a canoe, and the simple task is to run through the checkpoints in the allotted time to complete the mission.

8. Cannon Fodder

This time Tommy had to participate in a Cuban attack. Their target was a factory of Haitian ice.

Perform: Getting caught up in the shooting scene of two gangs, Tommy is forced to protect his life with existing weapons and steal the wagon of the Haitian gang to move. But also quite fortunate because he was able to wear a bulletproof vest before going on this mission.

9. Navel Engagement

A transaction between the Haitian and Shark bands is about to take place. Umberto wants you to steal drugs and money to bring to the Cuban base.

Perform: You will have to find a good car and go to the pink spot on the map. It won’t be easy because there are dozens of Haitian names waiting for you. Destroy all of them and a bunch of helpers come right after, find the suitcase with money and drugs, get in the car and disappear from there before the police arrive.

10. Trojan Voodoo

There was one more vandalism that the Cuban gang carried out against Haitian, this time a drug factory. Tommy and a group of Cuban must perform a bombing mission this time.

Perform: A guy named Rico will accompany Tommy to steal a Voovoo, then to the point marked in pink in a small alley. Both will put three bombs in the house and escape before it explodes (about 20 seconds). But unfortunately the factory door is stuck, you will have to quickly bring Tommy to the roof and escape through the neighboring houses.

11. Juju Scramble

A mysterious woman named Auntie Poulet wants you to get her some items. Since the police are also looking for those items, you need to find and get them first to be able to complete the mission. In fact, Auntie Poulet was the boss of the Haitian gang and she hypnotized Tommy.

Perform: There are only three items in total, and they’re not too far away from you. Try to find the first item quickly, because soon you will have two wanted stars, so get in the car and go to the location of the other two items. Now you have all four stars. However, the police had surrounded all the streets, the only way was to take Tommy jogging through the alleyways back to where Auntie Poulet was.

12. Bomb Away

Tommy was still dominated by Auntie Poulet’s hypnosis. She takes revenge on the Cuban Pirates for what they have done by having Tommy use a remote control plane to drop bombs, destroying all Cuban crews around the Starfish island area.

13. Dirty Lickin’s

Auntie Poulet wants you to “help” her men destroy the Cuban Pirates. You will be given a dedicated gun, while the two gangs are fighting, you will slowly defeat each name in the Cuban group.

Perform: Tommy will climb to a roof near the site of the gunfight between the Cuban and Haitian gangs. Auntie Poulet’s control would force him to target the red circles on the Cuban robe or the light brown guys. After defeating all of them, it’s time to complete the mission.

14. Gun Runner

Phil Cassidy was stolen by a Mexican gang. You will have to help Tommy chase and get back that bag.

Perform: Find a car, close behind and hit the rear of their vehicle with force. There are a few guys who will try to stop you, but Tommy always has a weapon on his body, show them the consequences of what they just did.

15. Boomshine Saigon

The leisurely, simple, and bloodless quest was the only one of the main quests, and perhaps the most distracting as well. Phil drove from the bar, to the hospital, home. It is done!

Perform: Tommy and Phil went drinking, and for some reason, one of Phil’s arm was badly injured, Tommy had to quickly take him to the hospital. But here, Phil refused to come in and demanded to go home, so Tommy had to pamper him again. At home, the mission is completed. However, because Tommy was also quite drunk, so driving would have certain difficulties.

Can be considered here, Main mission system has ended, but still There are also a variety of other missions which Tommy still needs to complete. will introduce and guide you how to overcome them in the following article. Let’s wait and see!

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Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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