TOP characters with the best passive skills in Free Fire

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Free Fire There are many characters with passive skills, but which is the best choice for you? Let’s take a look at top passive characters worth playing in Garena Free Fire Please!

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  • Kelly Awaken in Free Fire

    Kelly Awaken was only slightly buffed in the OB27 update but before that, she was already a really strong Free Fire character. Kelly’s early skills made her worthwhile. It increases movement speed by 6%. Although it was not large, it was enough to make a difference in combat.

    High movement speed means you can run away, push, spin around faster. In addition, thanks to it, you can also aim faster. This is why Kelly deserves to be the best passive character in Free Fire 2021.

    Kelly is freely available to everyone who is playing the game for the first time and starting the quest.

  • Moco in Free Fire

    Moco is one of the oldest characters in Free Fire. Despite her age, her skills are still good enough to compete with the new skills available in Free Fire. Moco is definitely Free Fire’s best passive skill character that you should play.

    Tracing Steps helps Moco track the location of enemies hit by her bullets for 5 seconds. Although this skill does not increase HP, damage or movement speed, it can provide useful information. Knowing the enemy’s location allows you to take them down with grenades. Moco is recommended in ranked mode.

    You can buy Moco in the game store with Gold.

  • Hayato Awaken in Free Fire

    In the Free Fire OB27 update, Hayato Awaken was upgraded and changed the skill to passive and merged Awaken into the original skill. That makes Hayato the character with the best passive skill in Free Fire 2021. Hayato Awaken now deals 3.5% reduction in frontal damage and 10% armor penetration for each 10% HP loss.

    This skill makes you an extremely strong character in 1-on-1 confrontation situations. In addition, Hayato is also a free character so you can easily use Gold to buy him in Free Fire.

  • Maxim in Free Fire

    Maxim was once a very bad Free Fire character. However, after being buffed in OB27, he is now a really great character to increase healing speed. Maxim’s skill reduces Med Kit and healing time by 40%.

    During 3 seconds of use, a normal Med Kit will heal you for 75 HP over 5 seconds. With Maxim’s skill, you can save 1.2 seconds using Med Kit. Thus, healing speed will be 2 times faster than players without Maxim.

    You can buy Maxim from the store with Gold.

  • Wolfrahh in Free Fire

    Free Fire players who like to attack often choose Wolfrahh because he has the ability to both increase damage to enemies and reduce damage to you.

    Wolfrahh’s skill reduces damage to your head by 30% and increases damage to enemy limbs by 20%.

    Wolfrahh provides quite a few benefits like Hayato but you don’t need to use HP. You just need to focus on defeating the target. Wolfrahh’s skill will make it easier for you to do that.

  • Above is top Free Fire characters with strongest passive skills. Hope the article is useful to you.

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