Which Mob can tame in the game Minecraft?

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In the game Minecraft, there is a creature part identified and called “mob”. Mob is an acronym for mobile (roughly translated as organisms that can live and can move, but not humans). They have many different types, names and abilities, however, just as the character plays, mobs can also be affected by other factors, even die.

Types of mobs in the game Minecraft can be divided into many different groups, but in this article we will only mention mob groups that can provide benefits for players, including mobs that can be tame. and the benefits gained from taming them for gaming.

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Types of mobs useful in the game Minecraft

With mobs that can be tame (Wolf, Ocelot, Horse, Donkey), please review the post how to tame mobs in the game Mincecraft to know how.

1. Wolf

Concentrate in areas such as Biome Forest, Taiga, Mega Taiga, Cold Taiga … generally areas with dense forests, hills …

Although they are neutral mobs, they will not harm you if they are not attacked by you first. One thing to keep in mind is that, with a single “accidental” click on any Wolf instance, all these mobs around that area will “default” to you as an enemy and attack you, even if it is period, until you “die”.


  • Dig tunnels away from them, create fences, doors and seal (How to make a fence in the game Minecraft).
  • Use weapons like stones, swords … to fight them.
  • Or another way is to tame them (by bone).

Effect when conquering Wolf:

  • Once tamed, Wolf will follow you anywhere and even automatically attack mob with you (if you attack or get attacked by that mob first) minus Creepers.
  • If the opponent is Sk-skeleton, whether Wolf is tamed or not, they will automatically attack these “skeletons”.
  • Can listen and receive commands “stay”, “follow suit”.
  • Can “teleport” to root’s location when prompted.
  • If fed and cared for well, Wolf will breed.
  • However, as mentioned above, mobs can also be affected by other factors, so they also feel tired and hungry. Wolf needs to be fed. Fortunately, they are quite easy to raise, can eat any type of meat and fish (including rotten meat from Zombie corpses).

Tame Wolf

2. Ocelot

If Wolf can be seen as a loyal dog, Ocelot will be likened to a cat. They mainly occur in Jungle Biome and can be tamed by feeding fish. A special feature of Ocelot is that they never attack you even if they are attacked first and is one of the fastest mobs in Minecraft game.

Effects of taming Ocelot:

  • Does not automatically attack mobs like Wolf, but “cats” have the ability to scare them and make them run away, not attack you anymore.
  • If Wolf and Golem do not work with Creepers, Ocelot is the star of this species, so you can be completely assured if you have enough of these 2 pets in your home.

3. Horse

In fact, besides Horse, also Donkey and Mule, this mob can be found in plains or deserts. This type of mob provides extremely good movement and traction if the player tame them.


  • Increases movement speed and resilience (up to 3 blocks).
  • Great transport tool.

Mob creeper

4. “Artificial” mobs

In addition to the three main categories above, in the game Minecraft there are also some neutral mobs created by the player, they are also great “bodyguards” for the player in certain cases.

Iron Golem:

  • Although created by the player, these Golems are more loyal to the villagers (if they were spawned there).
  • A Golem has extremely high combat power and is capable of protecting, attacking automatically any enemies they see (except Creepers).
  • Usually the Golems won’t attack their creator, but Iron Golem is a special case. If you attack them, they will attack again, you will “die” if you do not “escape” in time. But if you “kill” a villager next to it, within sight it will track down and “kill” you at all costs.

Snow Golem:

  • Another player’s “product”, Snow Golems are made of snow and are often used as decorations in the home rather than preventing other mobs from attacking the player (although they also have this ability). .
  • If Iron Golem has a strong attack ability at close range, the Snow Golems can detect and attack enemies at long range by firing snowballs (up to 10 blocks).

The golems in Minecraft

5. Other mobs:

The last type of mobs are harmless and have almost no fighting power such as pigs, cows, chickens … If they “lure” this group to raise, they will be a source of extremely precious food and food. Price and need:

  • Pig: Supply of meat.
  • Chicken: For eggs, meat, feathers.
  • Cow: Get milk, meat, pulling power to plant trees.
  • Lamb: Milk, feathers, meat.
  • There are also special mobs –Villager, like a merchant, they walk around the village and trade with the player various items.

The above is a detailed guide on mobs that can be tamed, mobs can bring benefits in the process of playing Minecraft, hopefully with this tutorial, you will understand more about the types of mobs to be able to. know which ones to avoid, to destroy or to use.

Wish you have a good time playing the game!

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