Top best free games on Steam

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Steam is the largest gaming platform today with a lot of widely released games as well as a huge player base. There are games that you need to spend money or a lot of money to be able to own and play, but there are many free games on Steam such as CSGO, Dota2 … all of which are equally attractive or even surpassed. Even paid games.

Steam is the largest game platform today when a lot of games are uploaded daily. There are games that are very expensive to own and the quality is really worth the money that players spend to own. However, there are games on Steam that are completely free but extremely attractive to players.

top best free games on steam

Great free games on Steam

Top Best Free Games on Steam


top best free games on steam 2

CS-Go is originally a game that requires players to buy a license key to play, but the game is officially free and current players can comfortably play this cult FPS masterpiece. CSGO has everything to satisfy first-person shooters (FPS) fans with its balanced weapon system, detailed map design, and extremely beautiful gun models. CSGO is the most attractive FPS shooting game today.

You can download CSGO here.

2. Dota2

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The most popular MOBA product today, with a tournament with a record high prize money, Dota2 is of course on the list of the best free games on Steam. Possessing a rich and attractive gameplay, a large character system, beautiful graphics, there is indeed very little to criticize about Dota2.

You can download Dota 2 here.

3. Paladins

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The unique game that is both a shooter but still combines MOBA elements to help Paladins have its own voice in the Steam game market. With each match, gamers in addition to shooting and shooting like normal shooting games, gamers can also do missions, equip skills, earn gold and level up according to the length of the match, thereby creating Unique gameplay and tactics help gamers always feel attracted to this game.

You can download Paladins here.

4. Team Fortress 2

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Team Fortress 2 cannot be missed in the list of the best free games on Steam. This FPS game brings gamers into the epic bombardment screens, excellent and smooth team coordination skills. Despite being released for a long time, Team Fortress 2 still maintains a large community and continues to expand its community.

How you can download Team Fortress 2 here.

5. Warframe

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Warframe, a shooting MMO that can’t be missed on this list. Although it has been around for a long time, Warframe is always in the top of the most played games in Steam. Warframe smoothly combines paid and free elements to help players even without spending a dime in the game can still play comfortably with extremely great gameplay.

How you can download Warframe here.
Above is a list of the best free games on Steam, see more top Free Shooting Game on Steam here.

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