Paladins – Unexpected free FPS with PUBG standard mode

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Storm PUBG still has not abated in 2018, shown by the number of 3 million online gamers at the same time and a series of big and small games still trying to follow the Battle Royale formula. Paladins – Title FPS once had a reputation for being too similar to Overwatch, also a product that had just hit the heels of PUBG.


Name Paladins Battlegrounds, this mode allows gamers to choose 100 Heroes from the game character cast to enter PUBG-like death battles. Along with that, the Paladins community will also be able to set foot on the biggest map ever in the game’s history, freely experience the FPS title in a completely new image.


Originally an FPS title in the “Objective-based” direction (performing a certain task in the game screen), Paladins owns a Hero lineup with a unique Skill system, so when combined with the style of PUBG, the game title makes players really curious and don’t understand how the team developed Hi-Rez can mix two different schools.


Anyway, for Paladins gamers, this is still a golden opportunity to change a new wind, especially when Hi-Rez said that the Map for Battlegrounds game mode will be 300 times larger than the old Map. If this is correct, the scale of the level of Paladins Battlegrounds is really terrible and will give gamers the feeling of experiencing a completely new product.

Show mode Paladins Battlegrounds There is no official release date yet. But if readers want to prepare themselves before the new Update, you can download the game for free directly on PC here:

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