Looking back at the most intense PC game dramas in 2020 (P2)

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Twitch you Dr Disrespect forever

The “talented” streamer Dr Disrespect aka Guy Beahm (Who used to get in trouble for livestreaming in the public restroom of E3 when many other streamers were “dealing with personal needs”) has permanently banned by Twitch. But so far, there has not been any official announcement from this platform or male streamer explaining the reason for being permanently banned.

Dr Disrespect.

Many people believe that his act of livestreaming in the toilet violated the rules of the platform, so he was banned, but in the recent time before being “banned”, the male streamer also had many controversial statements about corona virus. on stream. In an interview with news site PC Gamer, when asked if the male streamer’s behavior got him banned, Dr Disrespect insisted that he had nothing to hide and really didn’t know why. what. And he is still working with his lawyer to see if the case should be brought before the law.

Currently, Dr Disrespect has switched to livestreaming on the Youtube platform.

Fans “dislike” the new champion LOL Seraphine

General Seraphine.

Riot’s “baby” debut was not as smooth as this game company thought. There are too many reasons for LOL fans to “dislike” this new champion. Many fans think that Seraphine is a POP star too similar to the general Sona her legend and Ultimate outfit are too confusing. Add to that the controversy surrounding the creation of Seraphine. A girl who was once in a relationship with an employee of LOL’s creative team posted on the forum that she was the prototype of Seraphine.

General Sona.

After that, Riot also gave its own arguments to protect the “pet”. The company said that although they both play music, the theme music of Seraphine and Sona is completely different. As for the inspiration for creating Seraphine, Riot denied and said that Seraphine did not take the prototype from anyone.

Halo Infinite Release date delayed to fall 2021

According to the original plan, Halo Infinite would be released at the same time as Xbox Series X launched, but after the negative feedback from fans in terms of graphics, Microsoft decided to delay the release schedule to have more time. slap” back for this game. The time was initially expected to be around a few months, but Microsoft has announced that it will be pushed back until the fall of next year.

Unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase event in July with an 8-minute gameplay trailer, Halo Infinite sadly left many fans disappointed. Expected to be one of the super blockbusters, but what players receive is a game with too mediocre graphics, nothing like a NextGen super product. 343 Interactive then explained that the Covid-19 pandemic made it difficult to develop the game, but all those justifications did not help the disappointment of fans.

New reward system of Hearthstone

In October, Blizzard made changes to Hearthstone’s reward system. The company has reassured gamers that it will not cut to the amount of gold they earn through the game. Gold is used to buy card packs, join Arena, Heroic Tavern Brawls or unlock adventures. But many gamers have denounced Blizzard as “crooked”.


Emergenceingame.Com also talked about this in an article. See details here.

Activision got a bad reputation from a fake video of a family of 6-year-old gaming prodigies

Although only 6 years old but Rogan has emerged as an FPS prodigy and become a famous streamer with over 95k followers on Twitch and 132k on Youtube. The incident started when a video went viral on social media at a dizzying speed in which Rogan was about to livestream to play the game as usual, when suddenly a message showed that the boy’s account was “out” island”. Still just a child, Rogan immediately burst into tears and the father next to him hugged the boy to comfort.

Image cut from video.

Immediately, fans thought that it was possible that the boy’s age had an influence on this. Twitch stipulates that the account holder must be 13 years old to be allowed to livestream and the Call of Duty: Warzone game that the boy plays also has the same rules, gamers must be 18 years old to play and if not 18, then play the game. Parent or guardian supervision is required, but Rogan is only 6 years old.

Activision at that time was heavily criticized by the online community for locking Rogan’s acc and breaking a child’s dream. Many people also worked together to make the hashtag #FreeRogan at that time reach the top trending with the hope that the game company would pay the boy acc. However, because of the “inexperienced” acting of Rogan’s parents as well as many “suspicious” sounds, many fans began to feel suspicious of this controversial video.


The boy’s parents eventually admitted the video was fake. Because they wanted Rogan to be accepted into FaZe Clan (A famous Esports club) they made him cry in front of the camera to create a viral video. Because, one of FaZe’s selection criteria through the FaZe5 contest is that the contestants must create viral content. But apparently, Rogan’s parents did it the wrong way, not only putting 6-year-old Rogan in the middle of a mess on the Internet, but also getting Activision into trouble.

The development and launch of Cyberpunk 2077

After the great success of The Witcher 3 game, CD Projekt Red spent years developing a huge sci-fi role-playing game called Cyberpunk 2077. After many “delays” that angered the community, the game was finally released on the same day. last 12/10.

However, right before the release, there were many reports that Red was exploiting the labor of employees by forcing them to work overtime to be able to launch the game as soon as possible. This is like a “self-slapping” phase because in 2019, Red expressed that he wanted to take public responsibility for the treatment of his employees.


Before the game’s release, Liana Ruppert of Game Informer had experienced it first and warned that Cyberpunk was not suitable for people with epilepsy. But after the game was released, the game was still disappointing because there were too many errors, too open about sex (not all gamers are comfortable with 18+ issues), many sextoys appeared to the point of loss. focus, … Cyberpunk’s quality is too poor and to ensure the quality of PS4, Sony has removed this game from the PlayStation Store and refunded gamers.

Although Cyberpunk sold more than 13 million copies in just 1 week and recovered all production costs within 8 years, the game still disappointed investors.


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