TOP best electric-type Pokemon

Pokemon Games allows you to catch a lot of unique electric-type species. Here are theElectric-type Pokemon the highest rated.

The best electric-type Pokemon

TOP best electric-type Pokemon

  • Pokemon Jolteon
    • Highest stat: Speed ​​(130)
    • Distinctive trait: Timid
    • Weak compared to Earth-type Pokemon (2x)

    Although not Eeveelution, Jolteon is definitely one of the good electric-type Pokemon you can train. With his high speed and great special attacks, Jolteon is best suited for the role of Glass Cannon and has a wide range of moves for trainers to use in multiple matches.

    Like all pure Electric-type species, Jolteon is only weak against Earth-type Pokemon. With moves like Thunder, Discharge, and Thunder Shock available along with Thunderbolt and Electro Ball in the TM/TR arsenal, you should have no problem getting the most out of Jolteon.

  • Pokemon Ampharos
    • Highest stat: Special Attack (115)
    • Distinctive Trait: Humility
    • Weak compared to Earth-type (2x), Ice (2x), Dragon (2x), Fairy (2x)

    It wasn’t until the end of Gen VII that Ampharos ranked much higher when compared to other Electric-type species. That has a lot to do with its Mega Evolution. Mega Ampharos is a great Pokemon with the ability to make the most of Ampharos’ power. However, games currently do not allow this mechanism. Therefore, Ampharos is judged by the current meta.

    Besides, Ampharos is an almighty Pokemon. It possesses great special stats. Trainers should take advantage of Ampharos’ unique move in battle.

  • Magnezone Electric Pokemon
    • Highest stat: Special Attack (130)
    • Distinctive Trait: Humility
    • Weak compared to Battle (2x), Earth (4x), Fire (2x) Pokemon

    Magnezone has a strong special attack. It has a base special attack of 130 along with 90 special defense and a normal defense of 115. The final evolution in the Magnemite tree can scare some people with its speed and HP. average, but its other indicators are much higher.

    As an Electric/Steel-type Pokemon, Magnezone has more weaknesses than a pureblood. Its Firepower and Combat is 4 times lower than that of the earth-type species. That might seem devastating, but Magnezone’s immunity to the Poison system makes up for its shortcomings.

  • Electric-type Pokemon Electivire
    • Highest stat: Attack (123)
    • Distinctive feature: Innocent
    • Weak compared to Earth-type Pokemon (2x)

    When looking at the base stats, Electivire’s extremely low defense will surprise you. The rest of the indicators are at good or above average level. So any trainer looking to get this Gen IV Pokemon on the team needs to keep its defense 67 in mind.

    Thunder Punch and Wild Charge are two Electric moves that will allow the trainer to make full use of Electivire’s basic attack 123. If that’s not enough, you can find a lot of useful TRs around the Galar region.

  • Xurkitree is a strong electric-type Pokemon
    • Highest stat: Special Attack (173)
    • Distinctive Trait: Humility
    • Weak compared to Earth-type Pokemon (2x)

    Boasting an impressive base stat total of 570, Xurkitree’s only weakness is its mediocre defense. What really sets this Pokemon apart is its exceptionally large attack stats. Xurkitree can deal some considerable damage with various moves.

  • Above is some of the best electric-type Pokemon in the Pokemon game world. Which species do you like the most?

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