The best card combinations in Axie Infinity

Kết hợp thẻ bài trong Axie Infinity

Card combinations in Axie Infinity extremely important if you want to win and make a lot of money. Here are suggestions best card combinations when playing Axie Infinity.

Card combinations in Axie Infinity

In Axie Infinity, players battle Axie virtual beasts by allowing them to deploy damage or assistive moves such as healing allies. Each card represents a certain skill of the pet Axie. Most are better when put together in the right way. The article will suggest you some of the most popular and effective Axie card combinations in Axie Infinity. Mastering this strategy will help you pick the starting team, plow better SLP, and win more matches.

The best combo for Axie tank and assist in Axie Infinity

1. Vegetal Bite & Disguise

This is a great combo to steal energy or HP from opponents. Disguise (Leaf Bug) is a 0 Energy Bug card, capable of taking 1 HP from enemies when combined with a Plant card. Vegetal Bite (Serious) is the perfect Plant card to combine with Disguise because it also steals 1 Energy when combined with another card.

2. Sticky Goo & Healing Aroma

This is a combination of utility and powerful defense Axie cards. It has defense, heal and stun mechanics. Sticky Goo (Snail Shell) allows Axie to take damage and block enemy attack combos. It stuns the attacker when the shield is broken. Tracks enemies with Healing Aroma (Rose Bud) to recover damage taken and regain the full value of the card.

3. Sticky Goo & Carrot Hammer

Sticky Goo (Snail Shell) stuns an enemy if that Axie’s shield is broken. Combined with Carrot Hammer is a great choice to gain additional shields and gain 1 Energy when breaking shields.

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You should combine these two cards when you want to stop the opponent’s combos by increasing damage.

Card combinations in the game Axie Infinity

The best card combination for Axie to deal damage in Axie Infinity

1. Star Shuriken (Shoal Star) + Fish Hook (Risky Fish)

This is one of the most powerful attack combos thanks to 2 extremely high damage Aqua cards. Fish Hook (Risky Fish) increases Axie’s attack stats when fighting Plant, Reptile or Dusk, often used in the frontline tank position. On the other hand, Star Shuriken (Shoal Star) prevents enemies from entering the Last Stand when they deal a critical hit. Make sure the damage calculation is correct so this card will be the one that brings the target’s HP to zero.

2. Ronin & Imp (RIMP)

Ronin Imp or “RIMP” Axie is one of the most popular DPS builds because this combo deals massive damage and gains energy at the same time. In a solo match, Ronin helps Axie deliver a critical hit when combined with at least 2 other cards.

Pair this card with another card and an Ivory Stab (Imp) to ensure your team has 1 Energy.

3. Nut Throw & Nut Crack

Combo Nut Cracker is a commonly used strategy to deal high damage to opponents. This combo consists of two Beast cards working together: both Nut Throw (Nut Cracker Tail) and Nut Crack (Nut Cracker Mouth) deal 120% more damage when combined.

Combo Nut Cracker is very suitable when participating in the PVP Arena and plow the game in Adventure mode.

4. Dark Swoop & Egg Bomb

This card combination in Axie Infinity focuses on taking down the enemy’s backline so they lose their Axie dealing damage as soon as possible. Using Dark Swoop (Little Owl) to initiate an attack allows you to target the fastest enemy, i.e. the enemy with the highest speed. High speed Axies are usually low HP damage dealing classes. They are sometimes called “glass cannons”. Combine this card with 120 Eggbomb attack cards (Egg Shell), you will have a perfect backside Axie.

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The above are just a few of the Best card combinations when playing Axie Infinity. If you know more Useful Axie card combos Anything else, let’s share with everyone!

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