Top 5 weakest ninja in the villages in Naruto world

1. Konoha: Kakashi Hatake (Sixth Hokage)

Kakashi Hatake (meaning “Scarecrow guarding the field”) is the son of Sakumo Hatake with the nickname White Fang comparable to the Legendary Tam Nin and the ninja Senior (Jounin) is the teacher of the 7th team: Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. When he was on a mission to bomb the enemy’s Kannabi bridge, he was lost his left eye by another village ninja, and then because Obito saved Kakashi, he was crushed by a stone leading to half of his body being crushed. Obito gave Kakashi his Sharingan left eye as a present to celebrate Kakashi becoming a Jounin. Since then, Kakashi has been nicknamed “Copy Ninja” (Sharingan Kakashi).” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

After Naruto’s battle with Otsutsuki Kaguya, Kakashi was appointed as the 6th Hokage and the 4th ninja war ended. Later, he gave the position of Hokage to his precious student – Naruto Uzumaki. It can be said that Kakashi Hatake’s greatest strength is the Sharingan eye, without this eye, based on normal ninjutsu, he can only be considered a good Ninja but not enough to become a top Ninja.


2. Sand Village: Rasa (Fourth Kazekage)

Famous for his ability to use golden sand, which he sealed into his youngest son – Gaara (also the Kazakage who would later succeed him). Rasa is a very powerful shinobi, as evidenced by his title of Kazekage. He was even able to subdue a beast like Shukaku. He rents out a combat style office that aims to craft golden sand to attack his opponents. The fact is that Rasa has been actively developing new techniques for the benefit of the sand village. But he was killed by Orochimaru while going to Konoha to take part in the intermediate ninja (chunin) entrance exam.


The First Kazekage and the First Hokage created the Shinobi world. The Second Kazekage was the only village chief to survive the Great Shinobi World War. The Third Kazakage is hailed as the strongest in the history of the village. The 5th Kazekage – Gaara, who is also Rasa’s son, defeated him in the 4th Great Shinobi World War. Therefore, it can be said that Rasa is the weakest among the Sand Kazakages.


3. Mist Village: Chojuro (The Sixth Mizukage)

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Chojuro is the Sixth Mizukage and at the same time the last ninja in the Generation of Seven Swords from the Mist Village, possessing the Twin Blades of Hiramekarei. Chojuro is a shy person and is not confident in his abilities. Chojuro was chosen to accompany Ao to escort Terumi Mei – the Fifth Mizukage to the meeting of the Five Kage. But there he was avoided by Ao due to his lack of confidence. Moreover, although he was in love with Terumi, at that time his strength was not equal to hers.


4. Stone Village: Kurotsuchi (Fourth Tsuchikage)

Kurotsuchi is a female Idol ninja, along with Kitsuchi (Son of the Third Tsuchikage) are two powerful arms of the Third Tsuchikage and his granddaughter. She is known as a very powerful ninja with Earth Release, Water Release and Blood Release: Evolution. She is described as having black hair and black eyes. Although she is considered a new generation of outstanding talent in Stone Village, compared to her predecessors in her previous life, there is a clear difference in her ability.


5. Cloud Village: Darui (Fifth Raikage)

Was a student of the Third Raikage and the number one bodyguard beside the Fourth Raikage. He inherited many powerful moves from the Third Lord, including his unique techniques. He also often felt awkward in front of people because of the Fourth Raikage’s rash actions. Darui was the commander of the 1st Division of the Shinobi Alliance army during the Fourth Shinobi World War. After the war, Darui later became the Fifth Raikage. Although he is very brave and has a knack for lightning ninjutsu, he is still a bit inferior to the previous Raikages of Cloud Village.


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