PUBG appeared a new Hack, let cars and boats fly in the sky

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PUBG are trying their best in anti-Hack and the new Anti-Cheat tool is very close to gamers. However, before it can be officially deployed on the Server after the “delay” event not long ago, PUBG has appeared a new form of Hack that is many times more blatant and ridiculous.

Accordingly, the Hackers can now take physical control of any vehicle on the map and let them “waggle” in the middle of the air. Images of Dacias or flying boats in the sky are now more and more popular in the game.


At first thought, many people will find it difficult to understand when wondering why Hackers have to do that? What do they use flying cars or boats for? In fact, with incredible accuracy, a hacker can launch a boat or car directly at the player. There a normal player running across the map could encounter a boat plunging as if an alien ship had descended directly over his head. If luck doesn’t die, but just “down”, the boat can easily “hammock” to turn back and treat the unfortunate victim.


The way to fight Hack tricks like this now is that you have to find a narrow space like near a house or alley so that the other Hack vehicles can’t fit in. You and your teammates can completely shoot back, even shoot cars from these positions.. of course, in case they don’t use other Hack tools like see through walls or Aimbot.

Before this problem, PUBG gamers are really looking forward to the new Update Anti-Cheat soon to solve the compatibility issue and officially release it on the Server. All information about PUBG will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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