Top 5 strongest League of Legends 9.16 bot lane champions

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League of Legends 9.16 changes will be interesting for bot lane. Many powerful ability ADs have been tweaked down and it looks like weaker characters are on the rise, taking their place in the current meta.

The following is a list of the strongest champions in the bot lane in our League of Legends patch 9.16, not all champions are notable names in the recent meta. But overall, they are the most dangerous if they fall into the hands of a master.

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Top strongest League of Legends 9.16 bot lane champion

1. Draven
Especially for SoloQ, a lane with a lot of pressure is great to make Draven interesting, controlling the bot lane and punishing the opponent’s mistakes is a lot of fun. With this position, no one can create pressure like Draven, plus the combination with Pyke, they become invincible for this lane.

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2. Thresh
Thresh is one of the most annoying support and assist champions if he falls into the hands of a master, no matter what the current meta is, Thresh will bring nightmares to your team with his skill set. him. This character’s ability to turn the game is still extremely high, because the lantern in his hand is very dangerous.

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3. Rakan
Rakan is known to players in 2017 as a support champion because of his unique skills. Rakan has been touched by Riot many times and nerfed many times, but this is still considered a champion with strong CC effects. In professional tournaments, Rakan is often paired with ADC Xayah in the bot lane, a strength that comes from the love duo.

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4. Sivir
In this League of Legends 9.16 update, Sivir has received some significant nerfs from Riot but the ability of this young champion still makes great things at hand. Sivir is often chosen to be the bot laner, along with a great combination with Morgana to form a powerful duo.

Top 5 LMHT 9 16 best 5

5. Ezreal & Lux
Ezreal was a top contender for a while when the bot lane nomination was nerfed. However, Lux has a bit of a buff to her shield and this could mean the Ezreal and Lux ​​duo could still be one of the best picks for SoloQ.

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So, you and Taimienphi have just reviewed the 5 champions with the most formidable or annoying power in the bot lane in League of Legends 9.16. When they combine with other champions, they make a pretty annoying team, you probably won’t want to play when you meet them. of Legends-9-16-manh-nhat-51797n.aspx
List Top 5 jungle champions of League of Legends 9.16 The strongest we have listed in previous articles to help you have some new options, sometimes we should also try to play a few other positions, maybe you will find your new forte. star.

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