3 Free Fire characters with the right weapons will help you dominate the game

Some characters in Free Fire when used with the right weapons will become extremely powerful. Here are 3 Character combo + Free Fire gun can help you dominate the game.

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Free Fire has a rich collection of characters and weapons. Combining these two factors is extremely important if you want to win in Garena Free Fire. In fact, there are some characters in Free Fire that will become invincible if you use the right weapon.

Best character & weapon combo in Free Fire

  • Moco in Free Fire

    Moco’s Hacker’s Eye skill can track the location of enemies hit by her. Just shoot once and that enemy location will be revealed to your entire team. This is a super useful opponent tracking skill. Enemies cannot run away from your sight even if they are in the city area.

    In an open space, Moco’s ability is equally useful. The enemy will only have Gloo Wall as the best hiding place. However, if you have a Moco with an M82B sniper rifle, the glue bomb will no longer work. The M82B can shoot through that protective wall. Combined with Moco’s hacker eyes, you can know the exact location of your enemies and take them down like a real hacker.

  • Shirou in Free Fire

    Shirou’s Damage Delivered tracks the person who shoots him for 8 seconds, and also provides 100% armor penetration for the first bullet that hits that target. This skill makes Shirou the perfect character to use a single-shot weapon.

    The M1887 is a twin-barreled gun capable of killing an opponent with just one or two shots. Combining this FF gun with Shirou will make it even more dangerous. This is one of the best character – weapon combos in Free Fire.

    The biggest weakness of the M1887 is that it only has 2 bullets. That means you will be in trouble if the enemy is still alive after that because you need time to reload. With Shirou, the first bullet will have insane damage. Anyone hit by that bullet will either die or have very little HP left. Shirou also gives you the exact location of your enemies to make it easier to aim.

    You can also use the sniper rifle instead of the M1887. However, it will be difficult to hit the target at closer range.

  • Clu in Free Fire

    Clu’s Tracing Step can reveal the location of all enemies that are not prone or crouched within a 50m radius. This skill is especially good in cities with many buildings. When you know the exact location of the enemy, you can easily throw the grenade at the target.

    Grenades are a powerful weapon, but not too useful if you don’t know the enemy’s location. Most people use it as a tool to lure enemies rather than kill them. But with Clu’s ability, you can easily throw grenades right next to the enemy without having to have a line of sight. With Alvaro’s Art of Demolition, it will be even more destructive.

  • Above are 3 character combinations – strong weapons, making it easier for you to win in Free Fire. If you have any other suggestions, please share with Download.vn readers!

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