Top 5 strongest junglers of League of Legends 9.16

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League of Legends Patch 9.16 was recently updated with many changes, bringing balance in every role. So, here is the list of Top 5 strongest junglers in League of Legends 9.16.

In today’s article about League of Legends, Taimienphi synthesizes and brings to readers the champions that have the best power or advantage in the jungle, follow the article to know who they are.

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Top strongest jungler League of Legends 9.16

1. Nocturne
Nocturne received some changes in this update, and it was enough to push him back into the meta as a deadly jungle assassin. The changes won’t affect his cast time or cooldown, but Nocturne’s base armor plus W attack speed isn’t a small change.

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2. Elise
With her recent hit on Evelynn, Elise has quickly become the strongest jungle AP assassin in the current meta. Elise has quickly shown that she is a real threat and can bring danger at any time to enemy formations of all levels.

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3. Nunu and Willump
This powerful duo did well against the assassins in the jungle. Their incredible timing and health also make this duo an early threat to the enemy jungler, using those two advantages they put other players on your team in great danger. , every time you rush out, there are casualties.

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4. Kha’Zix
Kha’Zix is ​​still the #1 assassin in the jungle because Kha’Zix has mobility, damage, and evasion skills that every assassin wants to possess. The best part of Kha’Zix is ​​its versatility, one of the traits that must be emphasized.

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5. Hecarim
Hecarim is still the best jungler because speed is his threat. He can clear lanes faster than anyone because of his skill and speed, which is what makes him so much nerfed compared to now. Imagine if Hecarim hadn’t been nerfed, what he would be like now.

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Thus, you and Taimienphi have just reviewed 5 legendary generals who have absolute power in the jungle in League of Legends version 9.16, gaining the upper hand over other opponents is a huge advantage. You can also refer to the list Top 5 League of Legends bot lane champions 9.16 ours if you don’t like jungle. Wish you happy gaming.

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