Fix Flash Player suddenly stops on Google Chrome and CocCoc, Flash Player Crash error

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Flash Player does not always work smoothly or in other words, when Flash Player operation may have errors, one of the errors that affects users most is Flash Player Crash – the error stops suddenly. This article will guide you to fix Flash Player crashes suddenly on Google Chrome and CocCoc, Flash Player Crash errors quickly so you can fix them on Google Chrome and CocCoc browsers.

In previous posts we have shown you how to Fix Shockware FlashAdobe Flash Player on Google Chrome and also guided users Fix Plugin error of the Flash Player support tool for Firefox. This article shows you how to fix Flash Player suddenly stops error on Google Chrome and CocCoc, Flash Player Crash error.

Currently, Google Chrome and CocCoc are two popular browsers, interested users can download Google Chrome to use and can also download CocCoc as their web browser.

Fix Flash Player crashing on Google Chrome and CocCoc, Flash Player Crash, fix Flash Player stopping suddenly.

First of all, please update the latest Flash Player version on to install and use:

– Download Adobe Flash Player: Flash Player

Fix Flash Player suddenly stops, fix Flash Player Crash on Google Chrome and CocCoc

– Download Google Chrome web browser: Google Chrome
– Download Coc Coc web browser: CocCoc

Basically Flash Player error stops suddenly, fix Flash Player Crash error occurs due to a conflict between a custom version of Flash Player pre-installed on Chrome and users downloading Adobe Flash Player from Adobe for further installation. . When both are also running, it will cause an error that the browser slows down or stops or it can also hang for a long time. To handle this error, we can do it in two ways:

2 ways Flash Player error stops suddenly on Google Chrome and CocCoc, Flash Player Crash error, fix Flash Player suddenly stops error

Method 1: Disable/disable a version of Flash Player in Chrome

Step 1: Type “chrome://plugins/” go to Chrome’s address bar to search for Flash Player in the list of plug-ins in use

fix flash-player-crash problem
Currently, Google Chrome has two different versions of Flash Player, users must turn off one of them

Step 2: Click Details on the top right corner of the browser to see detailed information about 2 versions of Flash Player plugin in Chrome


Choose to disable/disable either version of Flash Player by pressing Disable

Note: You should disable Adobe’s Flash Player. Specifically in the picture above it is located 2

After performing the above 2 steps, restart your browser. For more certainty you can check by typing “chrome://conflicts/” in the address bar of your browser to check if the conflict is still there.

flash-player-crash chrome repair

After shutting down one of the two versions of Flash Player and still having an error, you can switch to the second one to try.

If you are using other browsers such as a web browser FirefoxSafari or Opera you can refer to how Disable Adobe Flash Player safelysecurity when browsing the web.

Method 2: Set Flash Player to play videos only when required

This means that Flash Player must be approved when launching, you do the following to install

Step 1: Type “chrome://settings/content” in your browser’s address bar to access Content settings.Step 2: Choose Plug-inschoose Click to play

fix flash content
So every time the browser asks for Flash Player you can choose to allow it to run or not. In addition, you can also refer to how fix not enabled JavaScriptAdobe Flash Player cannot view the video in the browser. wishes you success!

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