Top 5 best generals to counter Zed in Wild Rift League

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Where is Zed’s nemesis, to be able to fight this champion with this terrible skill set in Wild Rift League? The question will be answered with the 5 best Zed counter champions in Wild Rift Alliance introduced in the article below.

Zed is the Assassin champion in Wild Rift Alliance, with the ability to deal terrible damage. He can finish the target quickly with a simple combo. If you are having trouble dealing with Zed, especially in the laning phase, try using 1 of the 5 best Zed counters in Wild Rift introduced in the article below to confront. with this dark lord.

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Which are the champions that counter ZED in the fastest League of Legends Wild Rift?

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Top 5 best counter Zed generals in Wild Rift League

1. Akali

Akali is an Assassin – Mage with high mobility and can also deal continuous damage to his targets. Akali is a real hit for Zed as she can dodge Zed’s attacks with ease with Smoke Bomb (2) and Dart Throw (3).

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Once Zed is unable to cast his Death Mark (Ultimate), Akali can easily close in and finish him off because when Akali hits Zed with Darts (3), she can lunge at him. and destroy him with Ultimate Kill (Ultimate) and Five-Pointed Flying Knife (1).

2. Ahri

Next, we have Ahri, a gorgeous fox girl that can deal massive damage and has a CC ability. Zed won’t get close to Ahri because of her Wind Kiss (3), which will momentarily lure him towards her.

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When Zed is casting Death Mark (Ultimate) on Ahri, she can easily turn the tide with Wind Kiss (3) and deal damage with multiple attacks.

3. Fizz

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Fizz is a Mage – Assassin with quite unique skills. He can jump up with the Tung Tang/Dance (3). While in the air with that skill, Zed will have a hard time hitting the target. By using this skill, you can dodge Zed’s Death Mark (Ultimate).

4. Fiora

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Fiora is another champion you can use to counter Zed. This champion has a skill that makes her immune to any kind of damage, including stuns and slows. Fiona can use Counterattack (2) to dodge Zed’s Death Mark (Ultimate). This method is very effective if you want to avoid the explosive effect of Zed’s ultimate.

5. Camille

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Play Camille in mid lane, why not? You can use Camille to counter Zed in Wild Rift, why? Because Camille has the same ultimate as Fizz’s Jumping/Dancing (3), which allows her to be less vulnerable to enemy attacks. With these mechanics, you can dodge the explosive effect of Zed’s Death Mark (Ultimate).
These are great names when it comes to countering Zed in Wild Rift. By using one of these champions, you can directly confront Zed without worrying about losing your life to his Death Mark (Ultimate). If you are learning about the best support Wild Rift champions but don’t know which champion is, you can refer to our article.

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