The Joker’s Theory – Nolan’s Most Obsessive Villain

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Heath Ledger is no longer in this world, Christopher Nolan no longer have problems with Batman but Joker is still standing there as an immortal image, a successful villain, the most haunting ghost in the history of superhero movies ever. However, for 10 years since that day Dark Knight Officially disguising the image of the mantle of saving humanity on the silver screen, people still cannot know who the real Joker is, what is his real name, and most of all, why did he do what he did?

To smash that heart-gnawing question, fans can only piece together the broken pieces that Christopher Nolan spreads throughout the length of the film. And as that panorama of the Joker gradually took shape, they began to have answers about the clown’s background and past.


To start.. let’s return to the eloquent speech under the ghostly laughter of the Joker.

If you pay attention, you will see that there is an unreasonable detail in the Joker’s words. Why a truck full of soldiers? Isn’t Joker in the heart of Gotham, a city where people live, not a battlefield where bombs fall? Gangs, yes it is part of Gotham, but soldiers and bombs are not. Is it possible that if instead of the image of a policeman, Joker’s sentence would be somewhat more reasonable because that is the force pointing the gun at him?


It is because of this confusion that people begin to question the Joker’s obsession with the image of war. Maybe he has some connection with the war in the past. Was he a soldier, someone who served his country? That question is immediately answered by Joker’s actions throughout the length of the film. He can use weapons very well, from simple guns to rockets, which allow him to blow up police cars in tunnels. Not only that, but Joker also displays an extremely sophisticated tactical mind in ambushes and interceptions, demonstrating ingenious planning and very precise execution despite his crazy appearance. All make fans believe that Joker is a former soldier returning from the war and above all not an ordinary former soldier but a special forces soldier with extreme hatred for the place he once volunteered to die. .

And yet, the explanation for the drastic change in personality and moral standards has only one answer… That is PTSD, or “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”, a pathology common among soldiers returning from war. As the name suggests, soldiers with PTSD always think they are still fighting and feel like violent events have just happened right in front of their eyes. They can even hear voices in their heads or imagine someone’s silhouette that is not real, all as if creating a Joker image full of truth and logic like Nolan’s style throughout. Batman series length.


But that is not a complete picture of the Clown Prince of Crime.. because Patton Oswalt – A famous Hollywood actor and screenwriter, there is another answer to the Joker’s identity. There he posed the question… What if the Joker wasn’t just an ex-soldier? What if Joker was a former intelligence officer with expertise in interrogation?

He said Joker has always prided himself on his ability to see people and is very good at psychologically hitting opponents. The way he constantly changes his approach and the way he talks to his victims is a testament to that. With the African-American boss Gambol, he hit the pride of a man. With Brian, who disguises himself as Batman, he hits fear. With Gordon, he delved into his isolation within the police force itself… And with Harvey Dent, he took advantage of the twisted desire for “justice” in his heart.


Joker also constantly changes the story about himself … one of the most impressive features for fans about this character. To Gambol, he was an abused child.. To Rachel, he was a victim of a tragic love story. However, Joker’s former intelligence soldier form is strongest when he confronts Batman in the interrogation scene. There he repeatedly provoked Batman to break his only rule, even using the method of “reverse interrogation” to make Batman lose his temper. But the highest peak of the Joker’s talent is the ability to “control” and directly affect the actions of Batman … who should be interrogating the Joker.


(Joker, with a voice like a master before an apprentice)

Joker: Never start with the beginning. The victim will feel dizzy and will not feel the next blow.

(Batman immediately hit the Joker’s arm. Joker paused for a split second, waiting for the pain to seep into his body…)

Joker: There, see?

And we, who will see it all 10 years later, may also begin to see the Joker come to mind with his haunting statement. “There, have you seen it?”. Ten years after fans began to piece together the final pieces, we see all the Joker’s extreme obsession, Heath Ledger’s genius ability and above all, his infinitely profound brain. Christopher Nolan.

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