How to build general Jax in Wild Rift League

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General Jax is known as a top laner in Wild Rift Alliance. However, in addition to the top lane, Jax can also be used to go to the jungle. However, how to build Jax in Wild Rift League is reasonable, not everyone knows. In the article below, will guide you how to build the most effective Jax map.

Equipped with a skill set to dodge basic enemy attacks as well as stun the target, … Jax is always an obsession, a big threat to any marksman (Marksman) in Wild Rift.

how to build by tuong jax in toc chien alliance

Guide to build Jax in Wild Rift Alliance

By building items in combination with the Gem board and auxiliary spells, Jax can easily “take down” his opponent quickly. Also, if you do not know how to play League of Wild Rift on your phone, you can refer to the instructions here and follow the instructions.

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How to build general Jax in Wild Rift League

1. Itemize Jax in Wild Rift League

– Blade of Ruined King: With a flexible build, players can choose Blade of the Ruined King as the first item and equipment for Jax. This item increases attack speed by 30% and physical damage by 30, passive effect reduces enemy movement speed by 25% when hit by 3 basic attacks of Jax.
– Mercury’s Treads: By equipping Mercury’s Treads, it reduces the duration of the effects of the opponent’s effects by 30%, giving Jax a chance to escape from enemies.
– Trinity Force (three combined swords): In Wild Rift, Jax is one of the strong generals, requires cooldown and high movement speed, so players should equip the item Trinity Force for the position. this hero as soon as possible.

Triumvirate gives Jax 200% increased physical damage (base attack) after using skills, as well as increasing the power of Empower attacks.

how to build jax in alliance toc chien

– Sterak’s Gage: Tiamat does not appear in Wild Rift, instead the player can replace it with Sterak’s Gage. This is also one of the equipment that melee generals often use.

This item makes Jax stronger and harder to “take down”, increasing his HP by 75% when Jax’s HP drops below 35% for 3 seconds.

– Death’s Dance (dance of death): Because the marksman (Marksman) in Wild Rift is more about attack speed + lifesteal, so you can equip Jax with Death’s Dance to confront the enemy.

In which 30% of the damage dealt will be converted to a bleeding effect for 3 seconds, causing the enemy Marksman to be overwhelmed.

In addition, the death dance also helps Jax increase 300% HP, 35 physical damage and reduce 10% cooldown.

– Guardian Angel: Guardian Angel gives Jax an extra 40 armor and 45 physical damage as well as a 50% HP and 30% max mana regeneration effect.
– Quicksilver Enchant: This item increases Jax’s speed as well as helps to neutralize the control effects of the opponent on Jax.

2. Gems for Jax in Wild Rift

– Conqueror (conquer): Jax needs high damage to finish off opponents quickly, so players can choose Conqueror gems to give 2 – 6 damage (based on level) stacks up to 5 times, max. 10 – 30 physical damage (based on level).
– Triumph (victory): with Jax’s primary rune, you can choose Triumph (victory) to increase HP by 10% each time you kill an opponent’s champion, increasing damage by 3% to enemies with HP below 35%.

how to connect with jax in toc chien alliance

– Backbones (armor bone): to maintain Jax’s survivability at the beginning of the game, you can equip the jewel of Armor (Backbone). This rune gives Jax 10 more armor/magic resist (based on which stat you have less of).
– Hunter – Genius (financial hunter): helps Jax reduce cooldown.

3. Summoner spells for Jax in Wild Rift

– Ignite (lane): Ignite favors Jax in duels. You can cast Ignite when your opponent’s HP drops to critical, increasing damage by 60 – 410 (based on level) for 5 seconds.
– Smite (jungle): use Smite if Jax is playing in the jungle position. This summoner spell is used to deplete the jungle monster’s HP instantly, making it easier for you to farm.

There are 2 types of Smite: Challenging Smite reduces damage taken from the target and Chilling Smite helps slow the target.

build by jax in toc chien alliance

– Flash (flash): this summoner is suitable for most champions in Wild Rift, use it to chase or when you are trying to escape from an enemy. It’s just that the cooldown of this summoner spell is quite long, 150 seconds.

4. Jax .’s skill combo

Compared to other generals in Wild Rift, Jax has a fairly simple gameplay, but is equipped with a rather mobile skill set.

Jax basic skill combo: Leap Strike (1) => Counter Strike (3) => Empower (2)

grind jax in the alliance toc chien

5. How to play Jax in Wild Rift

– If your opponent is trying to escape, use 3 Counter Strike to stun and 1 Leap Strike to chase your opponent.

how to build jax in alliance toc chien

– If you are in a dangerous fight, use 1 Leap Strike to escape from the enemy.
Also, in the early game, you don’t have to be too overwhelming.

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Above, has just shown you how to build Jax in the Wild Rift League to help you build up properly and can carry the team better.

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