The secret to conquering Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Saga has become legendary attracts a lot of people around the world, because of the simple gameplay, but the eye-catching colors and interesting sounds bring a new feeling to the player. At the same time, through this, players can connect with all their Facebook friends to help each other with tickets to pass through the station.

When playing Candy Crush Saga you are lost in the colorful candy world, with the familiar gameplay of the diamond game game Bejeweled But instead of having to arrange 3 or more diamonds adjacent to each other in a horizontal or vertical row, you can use colorful and funny candies. Indeed, this game is very easy to experiment, when playing it is impossible “stop” get out!

The more difficulty we play along with the increasing requirements of the game, making it difficult for us to overcome. To help players conquer the game Candy Crush Saga, then will tell you the secret to be able to pass the levels easily:

first. Know the rules of candy combinations

Job Create combos that will help destroy the candies faster, so you will easily win and have a high score. Here are the rules for creating special candies that you need to know:

  • Striped Candy: Created when removing 4 candies of the same color, helping to disappear a series of candies vertically or horizontally depending on the direction of the stripe on the candy.
  • Wrapped Candy: Created when you disappear candies in a T or L shape, this candy pack will create explosions with an area of ​​​​3×3 that knock other candies out of the screen.
  • Rainbow Candy (Color Bomb): Created when you combine 5 candies of the same color, can make any candy color disappear.

The secret to conquering Candy Crush Saga

When combining these special candies together, they will create extremely useful Super Candy such as:

  • Striped candy with candy wrapping: Combining these 2 candies will create a whirlwind of crosses that destroy the candies on the screen, but the effect is 3 times greater than the double striped candy (with an area of ​​​​3×3).
  • 2 striped candies: 2 vThese candies standing next to each other will break both horizontal and vertical candies.
  • Striped candy with rainbow candy: Turn all candies of the same color as the striped candies that appear on the board into striped candies and destroy the horizontal and vertical rows where those candies are located.
  • 2 candy packs: 2 candy packs placed next to each other will create a candy bomb capable of destroying a wide range with 24 candies around.
  • Candy wrapping with rainbow candy: The combination ofBetween wrapped candy and multicolored candies will disappear all candies of the same color as the wrapped candies, then the multicolored candies will randomly choose 1 candy color to explode the second time similar to the first.
  • 2 rainbow candies: Create the most devastating power to wipe out the candies on the board.

2. Skillfully overcome obstacles:

There are many obstacles that appear in the journey to conquer Candy Crush Saga that make it difficult for players, you will have to use your intelligence and ingenuity to manage to overcome these obstacles:

  • Ice cream and cakes: Deal with them by eating the candies around them first, it will take a few turns to lose them but you will have more chances for the next move.
  • Chocolate: Spawns continuously to cover the candies, blocking your way. So make sure every move can destroy them.

The secret to conquering Candy Crush Saga

  • Candy Boom time: Automatically count down according to the number of moves and end the game when the number returns to 0. So pay attention to remove them as soon as possible.
  • Frozen candy: Free them by eating candies around to melt the ice.
  • Chain candy: Makes you It’s a bit more difficult when you have to skillfully adjust the balls of the same color next to each other because the chain candy cannot move.

3. Control the moves:

At low levels, there is no need to hesitate, think about the steps, but the higher you go without control, the more difficult it will be to win. Cleverly arranging candies near each other to create special candies or combine them into Super Candy is not easy.

The secret to conquering Candy Crush Saga

The more combos you try to create, the higher the chances of completing the mission. Be observant and move smart will help you achieve high scores and lots of bonus points.

4. Don’t follow the game’s hints:

From time to time you do not move, a next move will appear, but this suggestion is completely random, not the best way to move. If you follow the hints, you will probably ruin the combos that are about to be created.

So please calculate carefully at your own discretion, do not refer to the suggestions that Candy Crush Saga gives!

5. Pass the stage with the least number of turns left:

This is also a remarkable point to increase the score for the player, when you are about to complete the game screen but still have a lot of plays, you should go all that number of turns and then complete the task. Because if there are too many turns left, that number will converted into striped candy or Jelly Fish fish, these two candies when combined at the same time will have the effect of overlapping, limiting the number of points you can achieve.

The secret to conquering Candy Crush Saga

Above are tips for playing Candy Crush Saga help you easily conquer this game. Please refer and accumulate for yourself a lot of experience to be able to choose the best moves.

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Please refer to how to play the game Candy Crush Saga in the Video below:

Have fun playing the game!

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