Top 16 terrible graphics games that make all configurations “cry” (P2)

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11. Arma 3

  • Developer: Bohemia Interactive​

  • Game Engine: Real Virtuality 4​​

  • Released: September 12, 2013​

  • Lowest FPS: 28

  • Highest FPS: 44

  • Average: 35.6


Although Arma 3 is a game that has been around for a long time and many gamers think that this is not a candidate for the title of the most beautiful game and does not deserve to be on this list. But that is a completely wrong “prejudice”, Real Virtuality 4 engine allows the game to create a large world, up to 270km2 in the game, an extremely large number. The game also exhibits sophisticated physics with its surroundings. If you have ever ridden a motorcycle or piloted a helicopter in the game, you will clearly see the vastness of this game. That is why, despite possessing a very terrible configuration, the FPS of Arma 3 only averaged 35.6.


ten. Watch Dogs 2

  • Develop: Ubisoft Montreal

  • Game Engine: Disrupt​

  • Released: 11/29/2016​

  • Lowest FPS: 23

  • Highest FPS: 55

  • Average: 30


Watch Dogs 2 by Ubisoft is the first game to enter top 10 games with the best graphics. The game uses a modified version of the Disrupt engine that we saw in the first Dogs Watch. Because of that, players can see a large, beautiful and realistic San Francisco as much as possible. With everything maximized, Watch Dogs 2 offers players a vast, brightly colored city with realistic effects. Driving around San Francisco, the test machine also only outputs an average image at a frame rate of 30. There are even times when it even drops to 23. So to see how great the graphics in Watch Dogs 2 are.


9. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

  • Developer: Ubisoft Paris​

  • Game Engine: AnvilNext​

  • Released: March 7, 2017​

  • Lowest FPS: 24.4

  • Highest FPS: 34.6

  • Average: 29.8


Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is one of the newest titles on this list. When this game runs at maximum configuration, it has provided gamers with an incredible level of detail about the context, the surrounding environment, especially the fire and explosion effects. Because of that, Ghost Recon Wildlands is less than Watch Dogs 2 in terms of average frame rates and is the first game with a framerate lower than the average 30.


8. Mass Effect: Andromeda

  • Developer: BioWare​

  • Game Engine: Frostbite 3​

  • Released: March 21, 2017​

  • Lowest FPS: 10

  • Highest FPS: 40

  • Average: 26.7


BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda is the newest game on this list. Frostbite 3 engine has allowed to create an intricately detailed world with great lighting effects, especially in the reproduction of the character’s face model is amazingly realistic. While players can run Mass Effect: Andromeda at medium settings smoothly, running at 4K resolution and “max settings” can even “break” your computer. play. Although the average frame rate is only 26.7, this speed is still better than boring when gamers look at the lowest level…10.


7. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

  • Developer: Ubisoft Quebec​

  • Game Engine: AnvilNext​

  • Released: 11/19/2015​

  • Lowest FPS: 1

  • Highest FPS: 33

  • Average: 25.6


While Assassin’s Creed Origins is still on the horizon, Syndicate is the latest game in the PC assassin series. The game uses AnvilNext which is the same engine that Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands uses. As many gamers know, The PC has some performance issues and is probably not optimized in the best way to make every game run as smoothly as it does on the Console. For example, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is a game that does not support SLI technology (a technology that allows using multiple video cards at the same time to increase the processing power of the GPU, SLI technology is present on NVIDIA graphics cards). ). And even if in the case of running two video cards, it is not certain that this game will output the excellent image that gamers want.


Still, it’s a beautiful game, even very beautiful when it comes to detail, accuracy and authenticity with Victorian history in London. The test machine achieved an average FPS of 25.6 with several opening levels. However, after “going deeper” into this game, it was really terrifying, there were even times when the frame dropped to 1/sec.


“To be continued”

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