The Last of Us 2 will have DLC delving into the past of evil female Abby?

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Derek Phillips – actor known for his NBC series Friday Night Lights as well as his key role in The Last of Us 2 Recently posted a tweet revealing about his current job. It can be seen that he is back in motion-capture costume, hinting that he is involved in a game project and most likely. The Last of Us 2.​


In his latest video game project, Derek Phillips plays the character Jerry Anderson – Abby’s father in The Last of Us 2, and also the “knot” for many events of love and hate that happened in this part 2. If you don’t remember, Jerry Anderson is a surgeon Joel killed in the first game to save Ellie. Phillips portrayed the character in The Last of Us 2, showing players who he is and the reason behind Abby’s killing of Joel.

It is speculated that Phillips is working on The Last of Us 2 DLC and it will have to do with Abby’s past, what the character went through after her father’s death, and her motivations for revenge. . Things became even more unpredictable when The Last of Us 2 co-writer and creative director Neil Druckmann liked Phillips’ tweet.​


Of course, Derek Phillips has also starred in many game projects such as Lord Treavor Pendleton of Dishonored and Mark Jefferson, so it is very likely that he is starting something unrelated to The Last of Us, All still have to wait for the confirmation of Naughty Dog.​

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