Take a look at 12 names that can “meat” Hulk in 1 note

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Hulk can be considered as an image representing absolute power and uncontrollable rage in the world Marvel. I don’t know how many times Hulk Plunge into frenzied battles, damaging civilians and attacking enemies and allies alike. But despite bearing the symbol of an invincible force, Hulk was still defeated many times in the blink of an eye. And the following 12 names will be the people who have made Hulk fall under the toe of his shoe.


Iron Man

Well, when we talk about Iron Man, we are talking about the scene where Hulk Buster confronts the Green Giant in the superhero movie Avengers: Age of Ultron.. With advanced technology and the same physique as Hulk, Hulk Buster really scored. imprint in the hearts of fans. But few people know before Hulk Buster was born Iron Man once defeated his unruly teammate. Accordingly, in Iron Man Vol 1, number 132, when Hulk lost control, Iron Man poured all of the armor’s energy into a single punch.. causing the Green Giant to lose consciousness immediately. However, the price to pay is the fact that Tony Stark almost died from exhaustion.. But everyone has to agree that Knock Out is Knock Out.


Silver Surfer

If there is a force that can control Hulk anytime he wants with just a wave of his hand.. it is Silver Surfer. Accordingly in comic book history, Silver Surfer once completely covered Hulk’s head with a skateboard and then when the Green Giant was still stubborn he continued to use cosmic powers to completely knock his opponent unconscious. whole. Later, when he wanted to break the energy shield that Galactus used to imprison him on Earth, the Silver Surfer turned to the Hulk’s help (only Gamma-infected entities can overcome this shield). However, Bruce Banner at that time was still enjoying a peaceful life and decided to refuse, leading to transforming into Hulk to fight with Silver Surfer. However, this cosmic energy bearer did something that would later prove to be an absolute force in the face of the Hulk.. was to use his power to purge all gamma radiation from the Hulk. Bruce Banner instantly, turning his opponent into a mere mortal.



Wolverine is one of the most paired opponents with the Hulk, especially in the hypothetical comic series called What If? by Marvel. However, stepping into the original storyline, Wolverine was almost never able to defeat the Green Giant .. except once. There, when chosen to be Death, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of the Apocalypse, Wolverine nearly took his opponent’s life. Wielding the insane powers of an Apocalyptic Engineer, Wolverine fights like a true beast with the power of darkness and boundless fury. In the end, Wolverine won, putting his claws on Hulk’s neck to prepare to cut off his opponent’s head. However, for a moment, regaining his humanity, he hesitated and spared the Green Giant.



Yes you did not hear wrong.. in the rare event that combines DC and Marvel, the Dark Knight was confronted with the Green Giant. There in the special issue of 1981, Bruce Banner was a researcher working at Wayne Research company under Wayne Corporation. There the doctor worked on a project to develop a Gamma radiation gun with the goal of curing disease. However, while researching the project, Bruce Banner was attacked by the Joker to take over this special gun.. causing him to transform into the Green Giant immediately. With his tongue, the Joker then convinces Hulk that Batman is his enemy leading him into an uncompromising battle with the Dark Knight.

However, in the end Batman used his brain to defeat the Hulk’s muscular strength. After throwing the coma grenade, Batman hits the opponent’s crotch, which is nothing to the Hulk but is enough to make the Green Giant open his mouth and inhale the gas. Hulk immediately collapsed at Batman’s feet and allowed him to continue his fight with the Joker.



Thor and Hulk have fought each other countless times both in comics as well as on screen .. but there has never been a time when the enemy won and lost clearly. However, in the annual Incredible Hulk story in 2001, Thor almost took the victory. There as Hulk rattled New York during his fight with Failan, Thor was forced to help the authorities stop the damage the Green Giant caused. Fearing that fighting Hulk here might cause additional damage to his core, Thor decided to use magic to teleport the two to another dimension. The two rush into battle and Thor seems to have been knocked down after Hulk’s crazy blow.

However, when Hulk was busy fighting creatures in another dimension, Thor suddenly reappeared and put all his strength into Mjonir to hit the Green Giant in the head. Hulk immediately lost consciousness and allowed Thor to return him to the real dimension, though Hulk later awoke and the fight continued. Although Thor’s victory was short-lived, we must admit that if it was someone else with malice, the Hulk’s life would certainly not be preserved while he was unconscious and still in another dimension..


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