Top 10 VIP hacks are still covered with amnesty, the whole Raid community “was up”

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The stories of hacks and cheats are probably not too strange in any gaming community, obviously Assault also. It is important that all gamers who are found to be cheating must receive extremely heavy penalties from NPH such as a permanent ban or trading account lock. In fact, there have been many high-value Raid accounts that were locked after just one minute of impulsive use of hack/cheat software that made players cry after that.

But recently, a rare story happened in the community of players of this game that made many gamers dissatisfied. Specifically, a member with the facebook account Terry Le made a complaint to the community about the case of a gamer nicknamed Rolls Hoang in the top 10 VIP blocked for hacking the wall, then reopened in less than 1 day. . Under the pressure of public opinion, this account was locked again, but then it was reopened and changed to a different name. It is this that makes not only the owner of the post but also many other members of the community feel confused and expect to receive a satisfactory explanation from the publisher.

Before the “wave” of the community, the incident was immediately responded to by the game board’s representative. First, this admin confirmed that the above account used a hack, so it was blocked. However, after the checking process, the account holder has accepted that he has lent it to his brothers and friends and cannot control it. The account holder is also aware of the behavior towards the community and has committed to the BQT. But considering the account holder also has many contributions to the community and is aware of bad behavior, the Board of Directors decided to give the account holder a chance. If the new character’s name continues to use the hack, then it will be permanently blocked as committed. With a contradictory explanation compared to what was stated from the beginning, “no tolerance for any player even with the top 10 VIPs” has really made gamers even more indignant.


The incident is still causing a lot of controversies in the Raid player community, of course, the majority of them are dissatisfied and dissatisfied with this public and obvious cover-up of their actions. fraud of BQT game. I think after this incident, how will the problem of hacking and cheating continue to be thoroughly solved by NPH when it can no longer create trust and be enough deterrent for players?

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