Capcom officially killed the father of Dead Rising – The zombie game series died from here?

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Today Capcom officially announced the cancellation of a series of projects at the series development studio Dead Rising in Vancouver and confirmed the studio will be shutting down.


Speaking to, a Capcom spokesperson confirmed the Capcom Vancouver studio will be shutting down.

“Capcom is currently rethinking its system of allocating development resources to deliver world-class content,” the producer told GI.

“Capcom has been focusing on enhancing the performance and expanding its game development business. This is reflected in the construction of additional research facilities and annual recruitment activities held at the headquarters in Osaka.

“Following this process, after reviewing the titles being developed at Capcom Vancouver, we decided to stop all projects here to focus on developing other key titles in Japan. “

“According to the above general direction, the studio will suspend operations from today, the current employees will quit and close the office. We greatly appreciate the efforts and dedication of all members of the studio, the team that has created unforgettable gameplay experiences for the Dead Rising and Puzzle Fighter series,” the spokesperson said.


The company announced the cancellation of numerous projects at the Vancouver studio, and suffered financial losses of up to 4.5 billion yen (US$40 million).

In February, Capcom announced that it was shutting down at least two of the studio’s projects, including an unannounced action-adventure game and a follow-up to the Dead Rising series.


At the time of publication, 50 programmers at the Vancouver studio were forced to leave the company. Today’s closure will affect 158 ​​employees, the remaining few will continue to work until January next year to complete the final procedures.​

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