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Since before the immortal role of Health Ledger make people obsess about the image Jokerthe clown with a bloody smile has made fans Batman losing sleep and eating decades ago. When it comes to the night that the black cloak covers the streets of Gotham, one cannot forget the red and blue makeup on the Joker’s crazy face and creepy ghostly eyes. The painful stories in Batman’s life, the critical moments where life is like a thousand pounds hanging by a hair… all in the hands of the person we still call under the name “Prince Clown of Crime” .

But who is he really? Where did he come from? Was he born like this or what made him become like this? No one knows, and no one knows… except for author Alan Moore who is a collection of stories called Batman: The Killing Joke.


In that story everything started with a lowly engineer working in a chemical company, a guy with a salary of three piles and three dong like many poor fates in Gotham City. But inside that engineer is a different dream… a dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. He quit his job to pursue his dream and watched everything fall apart before his eyes when his talent and his dream didn’t go hand in hand. Desperate with no money, no job while his wife is still pregnant, he agrees to help two criminals break into the factory where he used to work.

However, when the mission was about to be carried out, it was informed to him that Jeannie – his wife.. had died in an accident and brought with him a small child who had not yet seen the light of life on the other side of the world. gender. Having lost both his wife and children, he no longer wants to live and wants to escape this shady business. But once you’ve shaken hands with the devil you know you can’t look away and walk away as if nothing happened. Under the threat, the two criminals force the engineer to obey, first by wearing the infamous Red Hood of Gotham.. The Red Hood is in fact the identity for a real criminal. laid out by the wicked to hide the eyes of the world. However, the technician was forced to accept, completely unaware that the disguise was only used to deceive the police, making them think that it was he who was the mastermind, not the other two criminals.


That was the plan, but as soon as they entered the factory, the two criminals soon encountered security personnel and were immediately shot down mercilessly. Panicked, the engineer ran away when Batman – the ghost and guardian of Gotham.. suddenly appeared. Standing before the ghostly figure that once drilled mad fear into the hearts of so many wrongdoers, the engineer fled without knowing that his life would change forever from here on. With his eyes fixed on Batman’s dark form, he slipped and fell into the pool of chemicals.

Caught by the toxic water flowing outside, the engineer was horrified when he recognized his face. The one he was seeing was a monster with skin as white as chalk, lips as red as ruby, and hair the color of icy blue. Before his monstrous image, before the pain of losing a wife and children pierced his heart, the humanity of a weak man disappeared as if his flesh was melting in a pool of acid, gradually replaced by a monster. wanted to see nothing more than a burned world. What remains inside the person who once raised the dream of becoming a comedian is now just an endless desire to send Gotham back to the dust.


Well, the irony of the story is that Batman inadvertently created an enemy for himself, an enemy that would haunt his life forever. But few people know that Batman and Joker are just two pieces of the same soul, two endings to a story where just “one unlucky day” will change your life forever. The position that Batman stands as a fighter for justice and the position that the Joker holds as someone who wants to see the world come to an end is only a reflection of how two fates change after a life event.

Perhaps in everyday life, each of us is a Batman and a Joker?

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