Top 10 strongest generals in Dota Auto Chess

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To win in the arena, gamers are required to own the most powerful team in Dota Auto Chess. However, that is not all if gamers know how to arrange and build squads according to their own tactics when playing Auto Chess and that is also the attraction that the dignity chess game brings. This is the game mode that helps Dota 2 get back on the Steam charts.

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As you know custom game Dota Auto Chess is rapidly creating a very strong return wave of Dota 2 players in numbers install game Dota 2 soaring. After having Dota 2 on your computer, installing Dota Auto Chess is also very easy. To quickly get to the boss battles, you have to overcome many obstacles, so do not forget to choose 1 of the 10 generals below for your strategy when participating in Dota Auto Chess.

10 best options for playing Dota Auto Chess

Lycan (Human / Beast – Warrior): 1 star – HP: 750 and damage: 55

General Lycan in Dota Auto Chess game

Perhaps the Lycan name is not too strange to gamers who are playing Dota Auto Chess because this is a rare general that owns two systems including: Human and Beast. That has helped Lycan combine with many different generals in the same class. Besides, Lycan is a Warrior class, so she will act as a tank general in the lineup.

Lycan possesses the ability to call wolves, gamers can add more units to counter single-target magic damage.

Shadow Fiend (Demon – Warlock): 1 star HP: 450 and damage: 75

General Shadow Fiend in Dota Auto Chess game

The next champion that we want to talk about is Shadow Fiend, this champion while on 1 star with HP 450, damage 75. In the early stages of the game if you want a large amount of damage then Shadow Fiend is a very suitable general. Since Shadow Fiend is a Demon, it possesses both formidable physical and magic damage.

However, Shadow Fiend still has some points that gamers should be careful of as it will often be destroyed when attacked by Assassins.

Doom (Demon – Warrior): 1 star – HP: 1050 and damage: 115

General Doom in the game Dota Auto Chess

You can see that Doom possesses extremely high health and damage, it can be said that Doom is the most powerful champion in Dota Auto Chess. This general can lock down the opponent very easily, even with its power it can knock the opponent on the board with a single hit. Also we know Doom is a Warrior so it is always ranked highest on the board when fighting. When at 2 stars, the opponents have almost no door to finish it.

Kunkka (Human – Warrior): 1 star – HP: 950 and damage: 82

General Kunkka in the game Dota Auto Chess

Kunkka is one of the easiest generals to own and level up in Dota Auto Chess, it will become extremely formidable if placed in the right place. Kunkka is also a Warrior, so he is very capable of being in front of the formation to accumulate mana to drop Ghost Ship early and if combined with Lycan, the Human generals will have the ability to Disarm the opponent for 3 seconds very effectively.

Troll (Troll – Warrior): 1 star – HP: 950 and damage: 90

General Troll in Dota Auto Chess game

Troll is the last champion in the quartet of Batrider, Shadow Shaman, Witch Doctor and Troll with the ability to deliver 30% of the team’s attack speed. General Troll can do great damage with Passive Fervor, you should use Troll in the late stage because it has a very good speed boost.

Alchemist (Goblin – Warlock): 1 star – HP: 1000 and damage: 60

General Alchemist in the game Dota Auto Chess

Alchemist can do very strong physical damage because he has a highly rated HP in Dota Auto Chess and is difficult to beat even without star level. Possessing an Acid Spray skill that reduces wide area armor and also deals physical damage per second. Besides, the unique effects of Warlock also help the team to suck blood very effectively in melee screens.

Disruptor (Orc – Shaman): 1 star – HP: 700 and damage: 47

General Disruptor in the game Dota Auto Chess

Disruptor possesses the Thunderstorm ability that can deal extensive magic damage and prohibits the use of all chess pieces in the affected area. Currently Disruptor is the first choice of gamers when playing Dota Auto Chess so it appears in almost every team. Especially if you combine Disruptor with Orcs, this general will get a huge amount of health, if combined with Shadow Shaman also instantly creates a hex effect any 1 unit every time the game starts.

Lone Druid (Beast – Druid): 1 star – HP: 800 and damage: 55

General Lone Druid in Dota Auto Chess game

Lone Druid is the top tank champion in Dota Auto Chess because it belongs to Druid, so it is easy to level 3 stars. When up to 3 stars it will have the Spirit Bear skill to create 1 more buffalo summon in the match to lock the target.

Dragon Knight (Human / Dragon – Knight): 1 star – HP: 800 and damage: 55

General Dragon Knight in the game Dota Auto Chess

Dragon Knight is the second champion with 2 types of Human and Dragon, so he is quite strong in the above position in the Knight’s strategy. They need to be beaten to be able to transform a dragon or combine with Viper, Puck to quickly transform a dragon. Drargon Knight with enough items and the effect of Race Dragon it becomes a real dame dealer.

Gyrocopter (Dwarf – Mech): 1 star – HP: 500 and damage: 75

General Gyrocopter in the game Dota Auto Chess

Gyrocopter is one of the 1 star 5 gold generals in Dota Auto Chess, possessing the Call Down skill that can summon 2 rockets to launch to deal powerful magic damage.

Above are 10 generals that are considered the most powerful in the game Dota Auto Chess. Hope you will have the right choice for your combat strategy when playing the game.

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