PUBG Mobile: Tips to help players observe and control better

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The control mechanism in PUBG Mobile on the phone will be a bit difficult compared to those who are used to playing on the computer with the mouse and keyboard, so players will ask the help of the game support tools on the phone. , such as keyboard and mouse dedicated to mobile gaming. Here are a few tips that will help you move and control your character better in PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG Mobile: Tips to help you observe and control better in the game

1. Tilt and shoot

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This mode is an important feature that players and players often use, leaning part of your body out when you are standing indoors will help you less expose your body when shooting through the cover, making the It will be harder for the enemy to hit you, but do not forget that the enemy can do the same to you.

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However, this feature is not turned on by default when you first install the game, if you are new to playing, you will usually not pay attention to this feature and do not take advantage of it, to turn on the tilt mode. Settings > select Basic and go to section Peek & Fire, turned into Enable is to be.

2. Adjust the button

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In order for gamers to be more familiar with the control mechanism on PUBG Mobile, the game allows players to change and adjust the control buttons best suited to your controls, to customize the buttons. default you go to Settings> Control, click Customize and adjust the buttons and button sizes to suit your own controls.

3. Take advantage of the Gyroscope feature

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This feature takes advantage of the Gyroscope gyroscope sensor in modern smartphones that controls the bull’s eye when aiming or even the character by rotating the phone to the direction you want to see, this will help quite a lot of people. like to shoot at a distance.

You will easily control the small gaps while shooting by gently moving your phone. For the feature to work, you must go in Settings > select Basic > scroll down and navigate to the line GyroScope, then leave the mode Scope On is to be.

4. Use the left shot button

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The use of Scope in the game is regular, both Pro gamers and newbies, if you only use the right shot button, you will be quite time consuming and not very flexible, try it, you press the aim button and then again. Shifting your finger down the right button to fire it takes longer than using the left button at the moment.

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To turn this feature on, you must go in Settings > select Basic, find the part Display left-side fire button and choose Always On is to be.

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This feature is used by many players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC version, but on Mobile it is less noticeable, using free look you can carefully observe your environment, especially players who are often in status. 3rd perspective.

So you will observe a wide viewing angle and detect all movements around, from there you will see the enemy to proactively handle early, press and drag the eye icon around to use the free look. Please.

6. Turn on autorun

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This is a feature that every gamer will know and use, you just need to push the button up all the way up and let go of the character, the character will automatically run, want to stop, just click the run icon. Yes, or you can press the runner icon button once.

7. All confrontations are bots

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In addition to the above settings, this is an exception, you will see your kills happen very simply because opponents often ignore them, when you see you, shoot once and just stand still and shoot. This is the identity of a bot in the game, a type of NPC controlled by the server in the game.

Above are a few tips to help you control better and more effectively in the game, once you have smooth control in the game, then find a place to loot, prepare for your battle. Posts TOP 12 best loot locations in PUBG Mobile will help you find the best loot locations in PUBG Mobile.

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