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Guide to playing game FortCraft for newbies

FortCraft is a survival shooter combined with construction, a product that perfectly combines the two popular titles PUBG and Minecraft. Allows players to both participate in the ultimate shooting and unleash the freedom to build favorite works.

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Coming to FortCraft, you will be fighting on a vast map of up to 16 million square meters, with 13 environments to explore. It sounds simple, but for those who are new to joining, it will definitely be surprised, invite you to refer to the article below for more experience:

Guide to playing game FortCraft for beginners

Get familiar with the game interface

For those who have just entered FortCraft, it will be very strange. You take a walk around to learn the functions, control buttons, customize the settings to suit you.


Find a weapon now

When you start participating in FortCraft, you can also parachute to the ground and only have a hammer in your hand. Use this hammer to smash houses, find supportive items like guns, heal, save bullets, armor. The interesting point is that you can pick up many different types of guns, so in each case you can use different types to fight better.

Use a hammer

Limit confrontation with enemies

At the early stage of the game, not looking for a lot of self-defense weapons, it’s best to run away, hide and seek opportunities. Do not be too eager to fight “perishes” right from the beginning of the game. To dodge bullets well in this game you need to run back and forth, jump to avoid getting hit. When you shoot down someone, the character’s object will drop, quickly pick it up to use.

Careful round bo

FortCraft owns a survival style like PUBG, so in a while there will be a shrinking circle. You need to see the time, then click on the mini map (Mini Map) to observe, then move inside the circle. If you stay outside the circle, you will lose blood gradually until all the health is gone and the character will die.

Careful round bo

Building construction

An interesting point, FortCraft allows players to build works such as houses, stairs, walls to hide and observe opponents more conveniently. You can build works in any shape you want, unleash your creativity, and unleash your own build.

If a river cuts the way, build a bridge over it. If you are blocked by high mountains, build a ladder to continue moving. It is even possible to build a very tall tower, climb to the top to see everything easier.

Building construction

Survive to the end

The only goal in FortCraft is to survive to the end, as the circle gradually narrows, the war of survival becomes more fierce. At this time, the number of players is also decreasing, you need to combine skills, try to defend, use tactics to hide, rush to destroy the enemy and become the last survivor.

Tips for survival in FortCraft game

  • Just hiding well can win, just see the house, bushes or anywhere where you can hide, you have to make use of it.
  • When you lose blood, try to find support items to refill blood to increase your chances of survival.
  • Finding some sort of speed boost will also help you get rid of the enemy.
  • When being shot by the enemy but not sure where the enemy is, you can press the jump button and the run button to dodge bullets.

Hopefully the above article will help you get more experience when playing this unique FortCraft survival shooter combined!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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