Top 10 most popular villains in anime/manga (P.2)

6. Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach)

Ulquiorra Cifer is the fourth Espada caitro in Aizen’s Arrancar army. Ulquiorra is a very cold, callous, emotionless human being, rather aloof, quiet, and apathetic, ready to cause harm to the whole world. teammates and enemies if they are seen as obstacles. He calls people who don’t interest him “trash” and treats them badly. However, like most other top Espadas, he does not attack anyone and will only fight when ordered by Aizen.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

7. Byakuran Gesso (Hitman Reborn)

Byakuran is one of the Bosses of the Famiglia Gesso, he was defeated by Tsuna, Byakuran is the main antagonist of the future, and Yuni’s representative in rainbow matches. His aim is to obtain the “Power Ultimate” (Tri-ni-set) by collecting Arcobaleno’s Vongola Rings, Mare Rings, and Pacifiers together in one place. To achieve his goal, Byakuran ordered the complete annihilation of the Vongola Famiglia, even targeting their friends and allies. He created special radiation and sent it into the atmosphere to kill all the members.


In his first appearance in the future, Byakuran is shown to have a cheerful disposition around his subordinates, especially towards Shoichi Irie, despite his knowledge of Irie’s betrayal. After he “bored” someone, he wouldn’t hesitate to let them get killed. He will do anything to achieve his goal, no matter if it may kill innocent people or destroy the world and he even mentions them as his toys.


8. Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)

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Hisoka is introduced as a “murderous magician” with the highest metamorphosis stats in the world Hunter x Hunter as well as in the game. manga Generally speaking. However, he has always been one of the most beloved characters of Hunter x Hunter. Part of the big and undeniable reason is that Hisoka has an extremely dashing code, being in the adult trio (Hisoka, Kuroro, Illumi) that makes many more fans lose sleep. The weapon Hisoka used at first was a deck of cards that could shred people in an instant. He has a cruel personality, likes to kill, kills anyone who is unsightly, and his perversion is just one of Hisoka’s biggest attractive features.


9. Rocket Squad (Pokemon)

Rocket Team (Rocket Team) in Pokemon despite being the villains in anime but they are also the most popular villains. This trio often go together to easily capture Pikachu of the boy Ash (Satoshi). During the journey, the trio always failed in their mission to catch Pokemo and were blown into the sky. But not because of that to discourage the trio, they continue to come up with hilarious and unthinkable plans to capture Pikachu.


The Rocket Team is a criminal organization led by Giovanni. This organization works with the purpose of capturing the strongest or rarest Pokemon to use their forces to progress towards the purpose of taking over the world and becoming hegemony. Rocket Team members often wear costumes with the letter R. The three members Jessie, James and Meowth are considered key members of the team and are also the main villains of the anime. These three are dreamers, always looking for a promotion, and love their boss very much even though he doesn’t consider them anything.


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10. Takasugi Shinsuke (Gintama)

The head of Kiheitai, is an old battle friend of Gintoki and Katsura who injured one eye due to fighting Amanto, and is the main antagonist. He was ranked by the Shinsengumi in the top ten of the most dangerous criminals, with a strange smile and a pipe that was always in his mouth along with crazy cold eyes when he smiled. He believes that the only way is to destroy this rotten world. Disgruntled with the passing of his beloved teacher and influenced by his teachercomplex personality, Taka likens himself to a dirty beast with its claws at everything.


Takasugi is a “change hater”, which is why he couldn’t accept the changes in the world when Amanto appeared. With a genius mind and perfect plots, he easily attracts good people next to him and every time he appears, something will be destroyed. His left eye is always bandaged and it is rumored that this eye has a special ability similar to Kakashi in Naruto. She is a character who is very popular with female fans because of her cold look.​


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