CFL suddenly appeared in the MV “Tu Giac Go” by Bui Cong Nam causing a storm on MXH

New Year’s Day is almost here, everyone is busy preparing to welcome the new year. One of the important tasks that need to be completed before Tet is “collecting debt”. Yet the “debtors” come to this occasion with “forgotten”, “phone out of battery”, “stuck” … Bui Cong Nam has reappeared in the MV very realistically but still no less. funny.​

MV – “Tu Giac Go” is causing a storm on Bui Cong Nam’s social media

This has become a pretty hot topic today when on social networks, netizens have more and more funny memes and clips on this topic. Music video “Tu Giac Go” by Bui Cong Nam is causing a storm in the community not only because of the message “forgetting anything, don’t forget to pay the debt” Tet is almost here, but in a very natural and witty way of expressing it. Currently, this clip has more than 400,000 views on YouTube and more than 10 million views on Facebook.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

The clip becomes even more climactic when Bui Cong Nam plays CrossFire Legends and the impromptu appearance of the legendary “honeycomb slipper”. Accompanied by the “pan” is expected to appear in the new Survival Mode of CFL made the gunners constantly happy, liked and shared enthusiastically on social networks. In the atmosphere of Tet to Spring, those who “forget” should be “self-conscious” and don’t forget to play CFL with “friends”.


Learn more about Crossfire Legends here:

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