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Female Streamer lost nearly 300 thousand followers overnight

Come back later ban three days in mid-September Amoranth become streamer fastest growing on Twitch, earning a total of $410k in seven days return.

Despite huge profits and no relative increase in volume viewers On average, there is little reason to be suspicious of any oddities that might happen. Google searches for her name have skyrocketed.


However, things did not go so smoothly, her channel already has about 292 thousand followers deleted on October 29.

It’s currently unknown why followers disappear from the channel, but it’s clearly not the viewers’ own. unfollow.

Statistical tracking website SocialBlade shows the disappearance of more than 2 thousand followers on October 24 and 290,000 on October 29.


The number of followers is strangely reduced

Despite losing nearly 300 thousand followers, ‘s channel Amoranth still got a net profit after her ban, but only about $40k, instead of 400k a few days ago

The total number of followers of her channel is now over 1.2 million while it used to be close to 1.5 million.


The huge amount of money she earned after streaming again

Maybe ‘s channel Amoranth was attacked by bots, if that’s the case then this is a perfect “attack” with her return after the ban.

However, this is all just speculation, the real reason for this confusing drop in followers is still unknown.​

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