Ba Dao Chi Ton webgame suddenly launched this August

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Trailer debut Bao Dao Chi Ton:

Bao Dao Chi Ton is webgame role-playing with the theme of swordplay. This game is a completely new version developed from the webgame Bao Dao that has been loved by many gamers. Bao Dao Chi Ton inherits most of the outstanding advantages of Ba Dao such as: the famous plot (adapted from the very popular novel series “Hong Hoang Van Dao Thien Ton”), clear and catchy graphics. Eye-catching, images are meticulously designed and elaborated, creating attraction when you first set foot in the game.


Although “late birth” compared to Ba Dao, but Ba Dao Chi Ton not only inherits the advantages of “his brother”, but also possesses many outstanding features, worth for gamers to experience.

Unique features not to be missed

If most of today’s games only allow players to own a few skills according to their chosen character class, then Ba Dao Chi Ton is much more powerful when allowing players to create their own moves, their own skills without having to depend on the character that they play. This game possesses 6 basic skills. With these 6 skills, players can freely “mix” into 30 different moves by combining 2 basic moves.

In addition, Ba Dao Chi Ton also owns the battlefield of King Gia Chien, where gamers can fight for the hegemony of the whole server. This is an opportunity for players to claim their talent and claim the world. Besides, gamers can also participate in predicting Concubine to receive their own rewards.

In addition to the above features, this game also has a series of extremely unique equipment such as Falun, Phi Phong, Animal Riding, Linh Bao, Linh Sung, … along with a variety of activities for players to experience freely. .

A series of beautiful teaser photos of Ba Dao Chi Ton

It is expected that Bao Dao Chi Ton will soon launch the gaming community right in this August. There will certainly be many attractive gifts and events waiting for gamers in the near future. Do not miss it.

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